Mother’s Day for Mother Earth

For Mother’s Day make sure to find a gift that is inspired by Mother Earth, the greatest Mother of all.

Disposable plastic plates make summer parties and picnics look “green incorrect”. Instead, give your mother a set of VerTerra ware. Called a sustainable fantasy product by Best Eco Stuff, VerTerra ware is not made from trees but from the fallen discarded palm leaves considered agricultural waste. They are crispily elegant and light, and your mother’s compassionate heart will be thrilled to learn that the South Asia workers who produce them receive a fair wage and health care. BPI-certified, 100% compostable, VerTerra ware will break down within 60 days and act as a fertilizer. You could not be greener than that! Also available are utensil sets to match the plates.

A great gift for your mother if she is the kind who goes through the day holding a synthetic Diet Pepsi (she can now choose natural flavors), The Soda Stream Machine is an active green product that helps consumers reduce their CO2 footprint by getting rid of cans and the 1 million and a half barrels of oil needed every year to produce the cans. The Soda Stream Machine turns tap water into carbonated water or soda in just a few seconds. Just screw the bottle into the machine, and push down the lever to infuse carbonation and you are done. You can fit the fizz to your taste, control the sugar, flavor or nutrient content of your soda. Good for the kids too as no corn syrup is used and your mom will love never having to lug soda cases from the grocery store again! Check the website at

It might seem like an insult to buy a carpet mop for your mother for Mother’s Day, yet you would be surprised by how much women do get a thrill from a good appliance. Many would rather own a great carpet cleaner than get a myriad of scarves, eau de toilette, and soaps that will just get forgotten about at the bottom of a drawer. Taking your carpets to the cleaner can be costly and if you live in the city, it is not easy to find a handy tree for beating the dust out. The Little Green Bissel made out of 50% post consumer recycled plastic, is an inventive machine that will make the care of any carpet within your reach. How does it work? The brush will spirit Little Green Formula mixed with water, which will transform into froth and help extract the dirt from the carpet with the suction inside the brush. The dirt is then sent into one of the two tanks inside the Little Green. There’s no need for paper towels, and the compact design of the Little Green with its long cord makes it handy to reach all places. Great for handling all stains from pets, wine to glue. What a lovely sight when the refreshed scents and lively tones of your cleaned carpet brighten up the room again. It was like a cosmetic boost for my Persian carpet. There is no place like home, especially when the carpets smell and look great! Can be used for the couch and the car too.

Every mom deserves a new cooking pan on Mother’s Day. But this year a cool pan to get is the Xtrema Pan, the one that allows anyone to cook the green, healthy, natural Way.

The Xtrema 10 inch open skillet is made out of 100% natural ceramic materials derived from Earth’s natural minerals and water. It does not leach any toxic metals such as lead, cadmium, aluminum, copper, chrome, cobalt, iron or other metals like traditional cookware and the nonreactive surface does not flake off into your food. Three worldwide scientific testing laboratories guarantee it. Learning to use the pan takes a little practice as you must heat it up slowly but how can you go back to old ware after you learn what it does to your health? The ceramic material is also durable, retains heat longer and reduces cooking time. Xtrema is beautifully designed and has a high gloss black finish that looks impressive in the kitchen, so this is an essential gift for a Green Mama.

Check the collection at

Moms love trying new lotions. They keep them around the house to keep their hands and arms cool and moist. It is a passion like collecting seashells. Save Your Skin body lotion contains Yerba Maté one of the richest herb sources having more than 24 vitamins and minerals and 15 amino acids and organic aloe. Our favorite is Regal Blossom (lavender, geranium and rose mixed with palma-rose, chamomile and carrot seed, pimento berry and clary sage). The Save Your Skin Project secures rainforest habitat in Guyana and protects it from being leased by mining or logging companies. Every purchase you make protects one whole acre of dwindling habitat for one year. Earth Mother Gift Bags available also for Mother’s Day including Body Lotion, Shower and Shaving Gel, chemical free Save Your Hair Conditioner and Shampoo, Lip Balm, Moisturizing Soap and Save the Forest Wristband. Products are chemical-free, cruelty-free, and biodegradable. Save your Skin is a proud signer of the Compact for Safe Cosmetics. Check out the whole line at

Perhaps your mom is slow in getting on the Green Boat and you worry as she still goes about using chemical based shampoos and kitchen cleaner, white paper towels, plastic plates, soda cans…so give her a Plant a Tree T-shirt to remind her that the Earth needs her care and deserves her love. Then plant that tree with her too. Start the journey. It is never too late. And if she’s already a nature fan, she’ll love to sport a shirt that reminds the world in times of low ethics and responsibility what a cool thing being green can be. It’s made from 100% smooth soft organic cotton, has a flattering snug fit, and comes in a beautiful bamboo box. So Me Designs is a socially conscious company that supports sustainable manufacturing, encourages people to stand for humanitarian causes, unite as one people, spread peace and always question the mainstream media. Check their Pro-Humanity manual to look at other designs incorporating pro-humanity messages with original provocative designs.

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