Must-Have School Lunch Gadgets (with an Eco-Friendly Twist)

School is back in session, and there’s nothing more fun for a parent than trying to figure out how to keep their kids safely fed and watered for the day without creating a packing monster. Here are a few unique, reusable products designed to keep lunches fresh, fun and budget friendly.

Even the freshest lunch isn’t going to be up to much by noon without a cool place to keep it at school. Refrigerators aren’t exactly a classroom staple and cold pack inserts can be expensive and lunky. Solution: PackIt! These waterproof, freezable lunch bags contain built-in gel that keeps items cool for up to 10 hours. They’re available in eight sizes (the original is perfect for a sandwich, snack and 120z drink) and patterns ranging from adorable to sophisticated. Check out their full line at

Drinks are always tricky to pack. A new juice box or water bottle each day might be an easy option, but the cost and trash add up quickly. Reusable bottles are great, but it’s tough to find one big enough to satisfy a kid’s thirst without dominating their lunch bag. Drink in the Box is a cute, compact, durable solution. BPA and Phthalate free, this reusable container is made of super strong Tritan and safely keeps 8oz of liquid corraled in a space no bigger than the average single-serve drink box. Pick a different color for every bag you pack at

After your kids have munched and sipped, there’s a good chance that not all of their lunch ended up in their mouths. Napkins are an essential addition to any lunch bag, so why not have a little eco-friendly fun with them? Funkins are 15″ x 13″, double sided, 100% cotton napkins that come in so many colorful, adorable patterns, they will actually enjoy wiping the crumbs off their foreheads! Check out the full line at

Have fun infusing your kids’ lunches with easy, environmentally friendly fun and flair!

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