Must-haves For Your Newborn


Micro Cotton Finest Towel Collection

Known as the producers of world’s finest towels, the Micro Cotton team brings you the ultimate luxury towel all the way from India. Created for an ethereal bath experience, this super soft towel collection features modern patterns and is made of high-quality recycled yarn. Their softness holds up well after many washes – perfect for the whole family. Visit


Get rid of those primary colored lint magnets and create a soft, comfortable, attractive play space using SoftTiles. These soft-hued interlocking foam mats provide a cushioned surface for babies to roll around on and eventually sit on since they spend a lot of time playing on the floor. SoftTiles nine piece set creates a large 6.5 foot by 6.5 foot play space. The sloped interlocking borders beautifully finish off the space and create a beveled edge to prevent tripping. Place the mats directly on top of hardwood, tile, concrete or carpet. Waterproof too so if there is a spill or spit up it wipes right off. Themes include Safari Animals, Dinosaurs, Sea Animals, Nautical, Geometric Shapes, Puppy Dogs and more. Personalize it by adding a child’s name using the Alphabet Tiles. For pattern ideas and more information visit

Baby Change-N-Go

Now dad has no excuse not to change a diaper. Baby Change-N-Go is a portable diaper changing station that hangs from public bathroom stall doors or walls and then folds up to fit in a diaper bag or stroller when not in use. This convenient, sanitary and safe solution for changing little ones is a necessity! We’ve heard Dad’s say they’re unable to find a men’s restroom with a baby changing station until now. The Baby Change-N-Go is a game changer! Holds up to 40 lbs. Available in pink, blue and black for

Swaddle Strap

Anna & Eve’s Swaddle Strap is an arms-only wrap that effectively swaddles an infant with the least amount of fabric to keep infants cool. Made of 100% cotton, fully adjustable and comes in two sizes. Choose from pink, blue, green or gray. Not only for sleeping, the swaddle strap is great while changing diapers, cutting nails and nursing.

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