Naturally In The Baby Bag

From bum balm to lotion, including tummy butter, sunscreen, talc and bath wash, the sheer volume of products and the frequency with which they’re used on babies–and by expectant mothers–is something to seriously ponder when purchasing. So if you’re eschewing harsh chemicals and additives, then consider these brands with core values for you and baby.

Mambino sort of rolls off the tongue and suggests African plains, Italian aunties or India’s spice markets, but Mambino Organics is a high-quality skincare line for pregnant women and new moms, which can be summed up in one word: exquisite. This is a line with products so effective and deliciously aromatic, that you’ll scrape the bottom of the container to get to the last drop. Utilizing nature’s fields and forests, the Mambino line includes carrots, almonds, oranges, lavender, mango, calendula, chamomile, soybeans, tamanu, hazelnuts, castor, palm, coconut, avocado and more. Peruse the products at and consider the gift sets for baby showers and moms who need royal pampering.

Honeydew maternity skincare products are chock full of vitamin-rich botanicals, and they target legs and feet, tummy and c-scar. No funny stuff is in the ingredients, which allows the skin to breathe and feel hydrated. Born in sunny California to address a dearth of healthy pregnancy products, the Honeydew line is as fresh as its name. Stock up at, and don’t forget the itch-relief belly balm.

Stuff For Sprouts is a natural skincare line for children, and as such, has to be as fun-seeming as possible to capture their fleeting attention and assuage lotion anxiety. This explains the tag lines “Nothing gross. Nothing weird. Just good stuff for dry skin” and “Kids shouldn’t crunch.” This is a loveable line because it tastes and smells good (well, the chapstick), and tackles a genuine problem for many children: dry, flakey skin. Most important is the fact their products work extremely well, so choose your weapon against dry skin at

Combine playtime with daily cleaning with the whimsical Tiny Tillia character-based puppet bath mitt or sponges, as well as an extensive line of travel, bath and gift items for nature-minded moms. This English line’s cherry blossom hair detangler is astounding, and all of the formulations are gentle for gentle little souls. Moms will want to use these, too. Available at Fred Segal and Kitson, or visit to check out the complete product line.

You and your children deserve the healthiest! Savor the fruits of nature without the thorny additives.

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