New Green Products For The Home


Great for eco-friendly cocktails this fall, Prairie Organic Vodka is a corn-based, certified organic and kosher gluten-free natural vodka. It is completely free of synthetic chemicals, pesticides and genetically modified seeds and enzymes. To be as energy efficient as possible, the leftover corncobs have even been gasified to provide energy for the stills. Created by Phillips Distilling Company it is crafted in partnership with a coop of over 900 farmers in Minnesota. Available in most major North American markets, it won the Food and Wine Magazine for best new vodka of 2009.

The Robby Wash Blue Laundry Ball is my favorite Green product. Instead of using all that detergent in all those bulky plastic containers, you simply throw the little Robby Ball into your load of clothes, start the machine and let it roll. You can repeat that process each time you do laundry for the 12 months that the Robby Ball lasts. One ball contains 10 ounces of cleaning pellets constituted of active macromolecules. Best for a 10 pound load, hot or cold, it is chlorine-free, phosphate-free and hypoallergenic. You can replace the pellets inside the ball every year for one more year of economical, eco-friendly cleaning. After usage, let it dry in the air until laundry time comes again. Made in France, it is an eco-friendly purchase that will revolutionize the way we do laundry and make a significant contribution for the preservation of the environment. Available at

Washdrops is an eco friendly way to wash the surface of your car. It is extremely effective at leaving the surface sparkling and clean. Washdrops are biodegradable, solvent free, butyl free, phosphate free, and ammonia free. Use only a cup for a whole gallon of water. You can safely dispose the dirty water on your garden. No toxic substances will harm it. Washdrops comply with the EPA Clean Water Act. Available at

Harsh chemical products used in horticulture have a negative effect on the ecological equilibrium of the whole planet. Even when you tend to your garden’s needs, it is important to spray plants with an organic product that will not poison animals, birds, bees and insects or poison the soil. Approved for use in organic gardening, safe and effective for horticultural uses, Neem Oil for the Garden contains only 100% pure neem oil, cold pressed from the seeds of the Indian Neem Tree. Used for centuries by farmers and gardeners, Neem Oil protects and nourishes plants and soil safely. Spray the leaves of all your fruit trees, shrubs, houseplants and flowers for a beautiful, healthy, non-toxic garden all will enjoy. Available at

As its names indicates, Hurraw! is a raw, natural, vegan lip balm. The shape of the stick is unusual, flat and wide for easier grip. The authentic and pungent flavors are derived from the raw seeds, roots, barks and fruit of natural elements. The silky rich smoothness of the product has no disillusioning waxy after taste. Unusual flavors include Black Cherry, Coffee Bean, Chai Spice, Coconut and Green Tea. The set comes in a recycled cloth tea bag with a fine string and makes an adorable gift. This is my new Green lip balm for the season.

All you need to be happy is one good pen. With its jumbo ink cartridge, The Seven Year Pen is able to write 2 meters a day for 7 years. It was created to bring attention to the fact that 100 million disposable pens are discarded every day causing unnecessary garbage on our depleted planet. Swiss Made and elegant this pen is a keeper. Seltzer Goods donates a portion of its profits to sound environmental causes.

My Cocoa Paper products are 100% hand-made with cocoa waste, recycled paper and other sustainably sourced materials. Leather bound, traditionally stitched wrapped journals, address books, hand stitched note pads and stationery paper box sets are made in communities in Indonesia empowering the women who work there. The hand-stitched binding uses natural “Imperata Cylindrica” grass traditionally used for thatch roofing. The note-books with the M&M logo shows how brand names can convert their traditional manufacturing practices to stand for sustainable, eco friendly ones. Available at

People who don’t like using shower gels like me are always relieved to discover new Eco soaps. They will love One natural soaps packed in a Vintage looking biodegradable paper sleeve that resembles egg packaging. Nothing artificial is included in the fine ingredients and pungent essential oils that bring out clarity of the mind and of the senses. Peace, Sweet Honey, Citrus Peel, Blast From The Past and Extra-Virgin are the different fragrances available. You can find One natural soaps at Target stores and Walgreens.

Start your fall with the inspiration of these sound products to keep on track and help make this earth a little more “earthy”.

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