New Products To Help Tween Girls Make It Through The Fall

Continuing with last month’s Back to School List, here are more great products to make your tween’s life more manageable, safer and exciting. From items to decorate or organize her room to new gadgets and health products, this list will give you ideas for a more productive fall.

Whatever age they are, kids love seeing their name embellished, framed and hung on their wall as in the collection of Letters Perfect Wall Artwork. Created by a stay at home mom, the line integrates your child ‘s name in a dazzling graphic of decorative figures and cartoons by Boston illustrator Tom Quirke. Every illustrated item starts with the first letter of your child’s name. You can use these as cues to build vocabulary or as a platform to learn more words starting with that letter. Whether she is starting pre-school, lower or middle school, your child will love this decorative addition. For the little ones, Letters Perfect also has an Alphabet Poster designed by the same artist that adds a little quirkiness to learning one’s letters.

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Tween girls are more scattered and in a mental bubble than ever. Better than stick-ons, Wall Pops allow your air-head of a daughter to jot down important dates right on her wall in these huge dry-erase pink dots, which mix practicality and whimsy.

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The Hello Kitty Message Board mounts magnetically on a school locker or hangs on a bedroom wall. Two settings allow messages to flash or glow so they are more visible. You can erase the board with the included marker with built in eraser and start all over again. Essential for any Hello Kitty fan!

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Tween bedrooms often look like post-hurricane devastated areas with clothes, books, make up, electronic devices and personal products strewn all over the floor. To store the previous season’s clothes and help organize her belongings, The Company Store has elegant and practical storage bags made out of 300-denier polyester, with a label holder and faux leather straps that will help your daughter keep her belongings in check. She will be thankful for those even if she won’t admit it.

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The wall mounted wood cubby organizer designed by William Mak for Umbra can hold keys, ipods, change, mail, notes and also hold bags and coats on its flip down hooks. It can be easily mounted on the back of a door or on a wall to help keep a tween room clutter free. Available in natural and espresso. 9.5 x 5.5 x 8″. Check Umbra for more ideas to organize a room efficiently with contemporary designs that mix simplicity, elegance and purpose.

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If your daughter has to share her room with a younger sibling and enjoys reading when the other one is sleeping, The Flex Neck Reading Light that clips on books, bed frames, and laptops is a wonderful solution. It points light wherever you need to see. She can also carry it in her backpack for extra light on the bus.

Available at Borders, Barnes and Nobles, and

The Digital Scrapbook Artist 2 by Serif is an advanced digital scrap-booking program that allows your gifted daughter to create original craft projects on the computer, such as personal cards, posters or a scrapbook of school year memories. She can play with her photos using digital scissors, embellishments and stencils. Easier to use for a child than Photoshop, The Scrapbooking made easy Design can also come useful to enhance the presentation of class projects.

Available at and

The Screen Wipe is shaped like an animal with a chamois tummy and has a zest of lemon fragrance. Use it to clean and reduce static, it’s an indispensable tool to help your daughter keep her computer screen static free and clean. Check all the cute collection of animals available at

My Secret Circle, the electronic journal for tween girls in a portable USB key chain, allows your daughter easy access to her best friend or any one in her intimate circle with whom she shares the connecting code. She can create photo pages and a scrapbook and carry the plug-n-play key chain easily where ever she goes. It is impossible to embed links to other websites or browse online when a Secret Circle key is plugged into the computer giving parents more control over what sites their vulnerable daughter visits and who can have access to her.

Available at Target and

Another fun thing to hang on your backpack this fall is the new Fashion Chic Boom Key Chain Speaker by Chic Buds. A tiny square in soft leopard print with sparkling crystals in the shape of a heart, the 2 watt amplified speaker has a clear, distortion-free sound that will give a tween music where ever she goes. You can recharge the battery by plugging it in your computer after 4 hours and can plug the device from iPods, iPhones, laptops, mp3 player and more. Includes a stereo cable and an USB cable. How chic!

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To help kids find balance and peace within, and to offset the hectic pace of their lives, the YogaFit Kids! CD, a yoga workout adapted to kids ages 4 -10, can help. In this age of over stimulation, phony celebrity culture and over prescription of drugs to calm children, yoga offers a 4000 year old method to clear the mind and enhance focus, improve self-esteem, balance emotions and build healthy bodies. It is a great way for the family to have fun together.

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Nail Salons have been known to be unhealthy places for young girls to hang out. Tools are often shared between clients and can cause germ infection. The fumes caused by nail polish removers, glues and color as well as the dangerous rays of the hand drying lamps are also reasons for concern. Keep your daughter safe by giving her The Manicure Salon Kit Professional and Portable Tools by Kiss Nails, Inc. The kit includes Nail Scissors, a Nail Brush, a Nail clipper, a Cuticle Nipper, a set of Emery Boards, a Cuticle Pusher & Cleaner, a 4-Way Buffer, a Sapphire Nail File, Manicure Sticks all in a see through Travel Pouch. Available in all drugstores.

Zits are a tween’s nightmare, but thanks to Elf’s Zit Zapper and Mineral Blemish Kit, girls with acne can have a breezy fall and be less self-conscious about their faces. Zit Zapper is an on the spot treatment with alicyclic acid, tea tree oil, witch hazel and camphor oil. The translucent powder heals and disguises blemishes with natural sulfur, an active acne fighting ingredient for a more even complexion. Available at most drugstores.

PakNaks are decorative accessories to transform boring backpacks into colorful and personalized ones. Look for an array of possibilities from animals to robots at

With this list of great products to help make fall an easier transition, tweens will be in command of their lives on all fronts.

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