No-Fuss Holiday Boy Style at The Children’s Place


You want to dress your young gents up in style for the holidays, and they want to be comfortable and to look cool. This is a recipe for the perfect storm. Good news: The Children’s Place is a magical shop where the twain actually meets. Their offerings are kid-friendly, yet adult approved for special occasions. Here’s a sampling of what you can find for the holiday season:

Blazers go with everything: khakis, jeans, dress pants and even shorts in the spring. They’re surprisingly affordable at The Children’s Place. If told they have to choose between a suit or a blazer, casual-minded boys (i.e. all boys) will opt for the blazer, so it’s simply smart have them on hand. And boys look fantastic in them!

Little guys look endearing bundled up and snug in their winter Toggle coats. Well-crafted and reasonably priced, this is an item that you can enjoy for more than one season if you leave a little growing room, or room for big sweaters underneath.

The 100% cotton, soft V-neck sweaters in various colors at the Children’s Place are elegant but comfortable, posh but affordable, polished but built for rugged wear, and absolutely an item you’ll both agree on for special occasions. Easy!

The Cedar Brookline Shoe is simple, black (goes with everything), classic and most important: comfortable. It’s cut wide and built to last. They can run all night around the table, through the yard, and up and down the stairs, and will never complain about their shoes or feet hurting them.

You can also find vests, sleepwear, semi-formal and casual pants, numerous hoodies, socks, hats, gloves, snow apparel, accessories and even stuffed animals at the Children’s Place.

Order online at or visit one of their stores; there’s a Children’s Place at Union Square East in New York City.

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