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Admit it. Your kids aren’t the only ones counting down the days until camp begins. Before you lock the trunk and blow kisses as you watch your kids board the bus, consider these fantastic finds to make the camp experience complete!

“Oh my word” Tell-It-Like-It-Is Cards

No more excuses for not writing home! Oh my word, designer of sharply written and modernly designed greeting cards and gift items have brought its witty voice to a set of fill-in-the blank camp cards. These no-brainer, Non-lame, Non-sappy, Tell-It-Like-It-Is Cards say things like:

• The fun things I could be doing right now instead of writing home…
• Things I think you would want to hear in a letter from camp…
• Things I’m not doing at camp because you’re not here to make me…

Visit and your local stationary store to purchase.

QVC’s Got Your Covered

Talk about one-stop shopping for all your summer needs! If your child is too young for sleep away camp, he can still get the overnight experience this summer thanks to the AeroBed for Kids w/Happy Monster Cover Design & Carry Bag. Replace the thought of scary monsters with happy monsters with this child-sized bed, which features a fun fleece cover that kids will love. Perfect for family vacations or overnight visits to grandma’s house, it inflates easily (includes a hand-held pump) and deflates quickly for compact storage.

Birki’s Kid’s Hibiscus Double Strap Backstrap Beach Sandals are designed with double straps for a fantastic fit and a back-strap to keep children’s feet firmly in place. And kids will love the super funky design!

Crayola gets it right again with their kid-friendly Digital Video Camcorder w/ PreviewScreen & 2GB SD Card. When the day’s shooting is done, a 1.5″ diagonal preview color screen lets them take the first look at their masterpiece. Get these great products and more at

Tattooed By Inky

Your hip and cool teenager will love the Tattooed By Inky collection of lightly fragranced body sprays. Used after showering or as a pick-me-up during the day, these body sprays refresh and revive the senses, with just the right amount of scent. Visit your nearest Target store or to purchase.

Sharpie Stained Brush Point Markers from Office Depot

Gone are the days of sewing in labels. Sharpie™ STAINED brush point markers are not only a great alternative for labeling clothes, but they’re also great for adding a splash of color to any type of canvas. These markers boast the permanent ink capabilities of a traditional Sharpie; however, they will not bleed on the fabric and they’ll retain their vibrant color after washing. So, go get your pillowcase or your Converse All-Stars and express your creativity. These markers are available at Office Depot retail stores and

Stop Bugging Me!

Oprah was right again! Bedbugs are out there! Stop these nasty little critters from making their way into your home with Stop Bugging Me. This green product kills bedbugs on contact and is an absolute must-have in your kid’s camp trunk or your suitcase! Visit

Sweet Tweets

Slightly embarrassing, maybe, but I really do miss the days of getting a little xoxo note from my mom every time I opened my lunch box. With text, e-mail, Facebook, etc., we hardly take the time to write handwritten notes anymore. But Bazooka Candy Brands makes it all too easy and that much sweeter with their new Sweet Tweets. These small, decorated and colorful note cards feature cute, candy emoticons attached to each – Just the thing to put a smile on your day-campers face! Sweet Tweets Come ten to a package, they retail for about 99 cents and they’re available at

Camp Rocks by Cahootie

Your bags aren’t packed until you’ve got your Camp Rocks! Cahootie in tow. Kids will have a blast getting in the summer camp spirit as they dive into the fun questions, silly dares and exciting fortunes all about their best summer camp experiences! Perfect for the bus ride or in the bunk during rest hour! Visit

Le Baby Detangler

No need for that bathing cap. The Le Baby Detangler will get the job done. Formulated with the gentlest ingredients, this detangler is the ultimate hypoallergenic haircare solution created for babies, kids and anyone with sensitive skin. It contains active ingredients and a specially designed nozzle that help to loosen tangled hair upon application while adding moisture and shine. No time to re-wash or wet the hair? No problem! The Detangler can be used on dry hair too! Visit

Twilight Ladybug by Cloud b

Sleeping outside sounds nice in theory but really, it’s not all that fun in reality. But with Twilight Ladybug you can bring the night sky inside! Your child won’t fight going to bed when he can fall asleep while gazing up at the stars and moon in his very own room. This limited edition pink ladybug features 3 color options, an auto shut-off 45 minute sleep timer, a star guide to help identify constellations, and three AAA batteries. Visit

Camp goes by in a flash but the memories can last forever. Whether you’re putting together a care package for sleepaway or a packed lunch for day camp, products like these can help make the camp experience not just safe but fun as well! Happy Camping!

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