Picnic Perfect

Summer means picnics and picnics mean…you have a lot to think about. Water, food, sunscreen – essentials for the kids, and you haven’t even gotten to the fun stuff! Here are some tips to plan for the perfect picnic:

Location, Location, Location! One of the best places to spend a beautiful city day is the park. Swing a little, play some ball or simply enjoy the wonders of running in the grass. To always stay on top of the latest, free happening in all of New York’s public parks, check out the parks website: www.nycparks.org

We all know how important it is for our kids, and us mommas, to stay hydrated. Until now options were limited to bottles of water or juice boxes. Juice boxes are easier as it can be hard for little ones to drink from a bottle yet water is often the preferred beverage as juice can have a lot of sugar and is sticky when spilt. Now, Stacey Griffin has successfully married the two with Aqua2Go, water in a juice box. While the idea isn’t new, this is the first time this type of product has been widely available. In addition to making it easier for kids to drink water while out and about, you can take these boxes to places where bottles aren’t allowed, like stadiums and amusement parks. Plus these boxes are made out of paper so they are better for the environment than bottles. Aqua2Go is pure convenience. Find out where you can get this simple, easy water box, check out www.wateronthego.com.

A picnic blanket is a must – and the sturdier the better. JJ Cole’s industrial strength blanket is not only big enough for the whole family, it’s a versatile to boot! The durable outer fabric is practically tarp-like in its ability to keep ground moisture away, and the inner lining quickly wipes clean easily, lest you have any picnic spills. Stylish and compact, the blanket’s sturdy, sewn-in insert makes folding easy, and the detachable strap makes carrying a snap. For more information, visit www.mvbabyandkids.com.

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