Pole Position Raceway: Rev Up Your Engines for Birthday Party Fun


If you’re looking for a birthday party option that will be adrenaline-pumping and unforgettable for years to come, then Go Kart racing at Pole Position Raceway is the answer. It’s a special treat for action-oriented kids, tweens, teens and even adults — and the added bells and whistles for children’s parties renders it an amazing day for everyone involved. Children can helm their own racecar during multiple races on a large, curving course that lasts more than 10 laps and offers a thrill a second.

Safety is paramount on the track, and children enjoy their own private birthday room with a cake, candles, and the works. In one of the birthday packages offered at http://www.polepositionraceway.com, kids are given $5 each in game tokens for the wide selection of games, pool table, air hockey and more, as well a drink and pizza at the party. You can bring your own cake or opt for one of their delicious offerings.

The two-hour parties seem ample in terms of time, and well worth the investment, since children and teens are rarely able to experience the joy of driving fast cars, hugging laps, and being a bona fide speed racer. Each race is timed, and the fastest time wins each round. The words of a boy overheard leaving a birthday party pretty much sums up the entire experience with: “That was the most awesome party ever!”

There are numerous Pole Position Raceways across the country, but the one nearest to New York City is close by in Jersey City, just through the Holland Tunnel. For pricing, directions, birthday party offerings, photos and more information in general, visit http://www.polepositionraceway.com.

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