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Instill healthy habits in your maturing girls, especially in matters of health and good hygiene, which go hand-in-hand with an optimistic outlook on the world and a positive self-image. Good hygiene starts with cleaning one’s face every day with an effective cleanser. Here are valuable products that will help girls achieve that goal:

Tween care has a skincare collection for young girls which includes a Facial Daily Cleanser, Moisturizer, Toner and a Scrub. The facial cleanser is a refreshing gel, gentle enough for daily use, and it helps with controlling blemishes and shine. This is a cute kit that will encourage a tween to get started on her skincare routine. Available at

Biore offers a Self – Foaming Cleanser that works softly with water to remove surface toxins without stripping the skin of its natural oils. It contains sugar beet extract, a known skin conditioner, as well as natural extracts of antioxidant green tea leaf and eucalyptus. It is perfect for the sports active girl who loves an easy multitask cleanser to leave her face fresh. For more information, visit

Simple has a kind-to-skin, creamy purifying cleansing lotion for sensitive skin that blends protective ingredients like bisabolol and allantoin with vitamin B5 to render skin clean – without the use of harsh chemicals. Available at Duane Reade stores in New York City (with allowance money).

Grateful Body is a unique skincare line that allows you to design your cleanser online according to a list of pre-selected vegan organic ingredients. If your daughter has hyper-sensitive skin prone to allergic reactions, you can add a “booster,” a synergistic nutrient that minimizes skin reactions. You can also add an anti-bacterial booster if your daughter’s skin breaks out easily and needs phytochemicals extracted from plants to fight bacteria. This line allows you to design the perfect cleanser suited to your daughter’s needs; find it at

Dr. Hauschka Intensive Acne Treatment for Teens, Normalizing Day Oil is a blend of pure plant oils and botanical extracts that calm oil production, soothe the skin and reduce blemishes and scars. Dr.Hauschka Skin Care is inspired by the homeopathic principle of “Like-Treats-Like.” Skin produces more of its own oil when skin is dry and less when it’s balanced. Soap-based products and oil-free acne treatments dry the skin and trigger the sebaceous glands to produce more oil to make up for it. Normalizing Day Oil on the other hand balances the oil production of the skin allowing the skin to heal and regenerate on its own. Available at Whole foods stores, Bigelow’s Pharmacy and at

Meadowlake Farm offers an Acne Balm made from irradiated honey which was extracted from the organic hives right on their premises. Irradiated honey is the most effective way of healing and nourishing skin cells, and is the leading choice in critical care units of U.S. hospitals for the treatment of serious burns and wounds. In its raw unprocessed form, the most beneficial nutrients and enzymes of honey remain intact. MeadowLand is the rare cosmetics company that abides to the highest ethical standards of organic ingredients. It never uses any premixed generic bases like most cosmetic companies, guaranteeing that none of its products has unwholesome or unnatural ingredients. Check their website to teach your daughter about keeping her skin healthy in the best fashion – as nature intended it:

Girls today seem like little business people whose schedules are loaded with duties, jobs and social activities around the clock. Happeez Weekly Planners are whiteboards that grip like magnets to any smooth surface, such as doors or mirrors. An invaluable aid for busy girls who need plenty of reminders not to forget their appointments or chores, they come with a dry erase pen. Your girl will also appreciate Happeez Clippers in bright designs, since they’re indispensable for notes, reminders, and homework. All are available at

Secrets That Girls Keep: What Girls Hide And Why And How To Break The Stress Of Silence. Girls keep secrets says author Carrie Silver Stock. They are afraid to express how they really feel about themselves, their bodies, their relationships with boys and their peers. Being uncomfortable to express one self creates wounds that last for life. This book breaks myths that keep girls gripped with fear and insecurity and helps them gain the confidence to speak up. The author’s aim is to help girls understand that they are not alone and that all girls share similar issues. This is a valuable guide with a commonsense approach to help them overcome their vulnerabilities.

Girls who wear flip flops, Uggs and other non – supportive foot wear may complain about foot pain and back pain which will only get worse with time. What they need is a pair of insoles by Dr. Scholl. The silicone cushion makes any shoe so comfortable and supportive your child wont be able to go back to her pre – Dr Scholl days. If your daughter wears high heels on special occasions, insert special insoles for high or open toe shoes for protection.She will love it!

Earth Therapeutics Dream Silk Cozy Jamz Moisturizing Socks provides a solution for girls with foot odor. Peppermint and Lavender scents are infused in the fabric to keep socks sweet smelling while shea butter moisturizes them. Earth Therapeutics, an aromatherapy and botanical based skin and body care line, creates products to release stress and make you feel good. Your daughter will enjoy the velvety softness of the socks while keeping her feet cozy (and smelling sweet); available at Kohl’s and at

Does your teen daughter have a Period Kit yet? If she is approaching her menstruation years, consider giving her The Dot Girl’s First Period Kit — a discreet carrying case with all the essentials a girl needs for her first period, including pads, calendar, scented wipes, heating pad and a Guide to menstruation where she can find answers to all her questions about her first period. Available at

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