“Push” Presents: New Dads Say It with Bling


What to do you give the woman who just handed you the most precious gift of all? New dads are discovering the “push present,” a gift that is given to the woman who has spent hours in grueling labor to give you the joy of children. And typically, the prize is jewelry.

The term was coined by FOX News who first used it in 2003… and yes, it is a bit obnoxious. But a special birth event gift is meant for all new moms, even if they didn’t “push.” According to InStyle magazine, it’s also a celebrity thing; Jennifer Garner received a beautiful necklace when her daughter Violet was born, Sara Jessica Parker’s DH Matthew Broderick bought SJP a one-of-a-kind 18k gold charm bracelet and Pierce Brosnan gave his wife an armful of diamond bangles.


Finding the right gift isn’t necessarily a matter of spending big dollars. There are many beautiful options at a variety of price points. Since the bond between a mother and her child is one of unconditional love and countless sleepless nights, push presents are a nice way to remind new moms that there will still be days that will allow them to feel loved and honored.


Tina Tang, mother of two, is the owner and head designer for Tina Tang Studio and Gold Label by Tina Tang, (her popular Greenwich Village jewelry stores). Tang has seen huge increases in business for this new genre of gift. Demand is so high that Tang recently launched a new line solely dedicated to birth event jewelry. “This is a gift bought by the new dad because he believes that the birth of their child is a milestone as important as an engagement or wedding,” she says.

Michael Kulma of Bay Ridge in Brooklyn had a very specific jewelry piece in mind for his wife, Luella Adan, to celebrate the June 2006 birth of their baby, Samuel. Using Michael’s concept of expressing the circle of three they had become, Tina Tang designed a necklace which suspended a pearl within a circle of gold. “I was shocked when Michael gave me the necklace one month after Samuel’s birth.” exclaims Luella. “This isn’t just another piece of jewelry. I cried with joy when I opened the Tina Tang box, because inside symbolized the ultimate gesture of love and regard for the new relationship that the three of us now share. The fact that Michael was involved with every step of the piece made it even more meaningful”.

Tina Tang’s birth event jewelry is created in 14k or 18k yellow or white gold, and can be engraved with initials and dates as well as features such as the baby’s birthstone. Tang’s creations retail between $300 – $500. www.tinatang.com Tina Tang Studio, 49 Greenwich Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10014; 212-645-6890


Where did my friend Gary purchase the six carat diamond tennis bracelet? He sought out the expertise of Gabriel Aminov, owner of D’Elegance Jewelry, which is a custom jewelry establishment catering to a well-heeled clientele of NY women and celebrities. D’Elegance specializes in high-end diamond and gemstone jewelry, uniquely set in pave and hand mounted settings. How much did that diamond bracelet set Gary back? He wouldn’t say, but according to Aminov, typical prices are in the thousands of dollars.
The big sellers are diamond and birthstone eternity bands that can be stacked (you aren’t stopping after one baby, are you?) as well as 18k bangles that can be worn alone or mixed with a woman’s other jewelry. Aminov recommends that every new dad engrave the date and the baby’s initials as well as incorporate the baby’s birthstone. When mom’s arms encircle her new baby, the bracelet really “pops” in pictures. A good idea to show off mother, child and fabulous gems for the family photo album!

D’Elegance Jewelry, 10 West 47th Street, New York, NY 10036; 212-730-5409; By appointment only.

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