Santa Has a Few Goodies In His Bag For Mom This Holiday Season


When the holiday cheer gets spread around, be sure to give an extra handful to mothers, especially the overwhelmed first-timers. Here is a holiday roundup of items to soothe, excite, assist or delight the women you know who are mothers -whether it’s your own mom or your best friend.


Since Vintage June is touted as “the inspiration for gracious living,” Exhibit A is the amazing line of unique Jessie Steele aprons found at this web site, These are aprons that even moms who don’t cook will don (yes, there are many of them in Manhattan), perhaps just for show at cocktail parties (over the ordered hors d’oeuvres, perhaps) because they are so stylish. There are many delights for moms at this web site, including the book “365 Manners Kids Should Know” by Sheryl Eberly. Tuck it into a stocking as a subtle hint.

What woman doesn’t want a little bit of bubby to cheer in the New Year, or the new baby? Give mom a bottle of Barefoot Bubbly this holiday and watch her beam with pleasure! Another libation she’ll appreciate is Nutrisoda, whether for herself or her children, since this healthy line created for the Air Force offers a smarter option to traditional soft drinks. It tastes great, too, and has names like “Radiant,” “Slender,” and “Energize.” Check it out at


New moms and their babies will adore the six extraordinary new products of superior efficacy from Cellex-C, made with no harsh chemicals, short measures or easy substitutes. In short, this is a brand with integrity! Designed to tackle skin problems for mother and child (such as spider veins, stretch marks, skin irritation, dry skin, sunburn and diaper rash), as well as pregnancy hair loss, Cellex-C achieves solutions based on science and all-natural ingredients. Every new mom will appreciate something from this superior line. Find it at

Give mom a night of sweet slumber with an all-silk pillow case. The soft silk will lure her off to dreamland with a smile on her face. Pick her favorite at And nursing moms will appreciate silky The Baby O nursing scarf, which is a luxurious, enormous scarf covering (40 x 40 inches) with attachable “O” ring to indicate where the scarf will be anchored. Moms will nurse with elegance with this award-winning Baby O nursing cover.


Moms love to style their brood, especially while they still have some say in the matter. For clothes to suit the growing royalty, check out the dignified Sir Hayes line for boys, complete with signature royal purple ribbons and eye-popping graphics. Hailing from Bed-Stuy in the County of Kings, this is as hopping as hip can be, and of very high quality for a wee king. Check out the complete line at Another line of note is Glamajama, which offers retro-inspired playwear sets with character as well as other distinctive glam clothing for babes. This line appeals to the lines of Britney Spears and Kate Hudson. Choose your favorites at


Moms will rock everything at Inky Dink, the website for hip-kid clothing that includes dozens of heart-melting little rocker tees. is the source for brightly colored and black Pooki dolls, Pump Up the Volume hoodies, Yum Yum Donut T-shirts and other cutting edge kiddie fashion. Moms will love a roundup from this site! Finally, the kids collection at the site “for your funky little monkey” is sure to please a fashionista mom and her very cool kittens. Order a baker’s dozen on the site for any mom you want to impress. Here you’ll find “Scream for Ice Cream” and “Under The Influence” (lollipop) tees that will make adults go “awwwwww!”

Moms will relate to the sentiments found at, such as “Before Kids three in bed was risqué,” “I had shoe money” or “whine was a beverage” tees. Fun and lighthearted, the products found on this site will be a bonding source for friends or sisters who have kids. Pick your favorite gift at this whimsical site.

Bella Mama says it all: luxurious skin care products for beautiful moms to keep them looking that way. Belly butter, foot salts, nursing salve, face & body spritzer (amazing!), belly oil and herb sitz bath were all created to soothe and enrich with the finest ingredients on the planet. Seasonal sets are a great gift idea too. Visit


Moms know that if you must whip out a diaper changing bag, it might as well be stylish, adorable and functional. This is where Lilla Boo comes in. The Lilla Boo collection amps up the design factor for all children’s gear and clothing, presenting “retro mod” and downright modern renditions of diaper changing pads and bags, tees, blankets and bibs. Truly adorable! Check it out yourself at

Moms on the go, like Kate Winslet, appreciate the quick fixes provided by Skinvitals. These “spa in a tiny package” wraps fit neatly into purses for holiday travel and tackle an array of skin problems, including dry, blotchy, dull or oily skin. Simply unwrap, place towel on face (the eyes, nose and moth areas are cut out) and go about your business for 20 minutes. Then, voila! Problem solved. Moms can even nurse while giving themselves a facial! Get some for the stocking.

The bathroom Johnny Light is an ideal stocking stuffer for moms whose children need help in the middle of the night. This soft lighting device attaches to commodes and emits a green “night light.” Another useful stocking stuffer (for mom, with kids in mind) is Enzymedica’s Kids Digest, which is a 100% vegan-vegetarian, plant-based enzyme blend powder used to enhance the digestive process and nutrient assimilation. Add to juice for exciting bubbling action!

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