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As CEO of and author of “Shop Smart, Save More”, I’m all about shopping smart, saving more! And in fact, I simply refuse to pay full price for anything! And I still get good things, and things that I love. Admittedly, I’m not willing to compromise! Well have you noticed it’s a buyer’s market out there? Yep! And will be into 2012. But much has changed my friend, to our advantage. So here’s the scoop…

First off, the biggest place you can save money in 2012 is in the food category. I’m not going to say the “C word” (those paper things you have to cut with scissors, yes, I use them, but I’m sure you don’t want me to say the word). I’m just going to tell you that those are taking off big time! They’re trendier than ever, for more good and healthy foods than you ever knew. I just got three FREE packages of tofu this week using those “C” things. But I’m not talking about those “C” things. I’m really talking about sales. Shopping sales on food, buying on sale before you run out, simply thinking ahead – these simple actions can cut your food costs by 50%. Now before you want to slap me, just let me say this… If you resolve to save money in the grocery store in 2012, it just leaves more money for beauty products!

Speaking of beauty products… I just got a free eyeliner pencil by using one of those “C” things along with a good sale. That’s what we call in the biz, “deal stacking”… Just sayin…

Hit the drugstores in 2012 for killer deals on beauty products. Consumers have learned that Maybelline, L’Oreal, and more have some cosmetic items that are just as ding-dang-dong good as some that cost four times as much at the department store cosmetic counter, where they practically gift wrap your $40 mascara purchase. And by the way, Olay Regenerist now rivals their department store counterparts in consumer reviews for a fraction of the cost. We have now learned that we’re not really getting anything better on a lot of their overpriced fluff! Harumph! We’ve got ‘em on the run girls! And their competitors know it, and they’re going to make hay while the sun shines! Drugstore beauty products are really going to be rocking this year more than ever, and you don’t even have to use a “C word” to get most of them.

Goes like this… You buy your beauty products and cosmetics on sale, PLUS major drugstore chains often have INSTANT rebates that come out of the register to be used like cash to buy anything else you want on future purchases! So you can come back another day (or just turn around and shop again now) and use THEIR cash to buy lipstick, facials, and more! Yeah! Now that’s the kind of shopping I’m talkin about! And IF you decide to use one of those “C” things, you could save even more! By the way, you may want to use one of those “C” things to try the Olay Regenerist facial products. Not that you’re becoming a “C word-er”, but just to see if you agree with the reviews! ;)

By the way, I must tell you that in 2012, there will be more and more of those “C” things for beauty products that you love, as that’s just the way the marketing trends are going in this economy. So you might want to get with the program before you run out of lipstick!

Remember Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Well, have you noticed it has pretty much continued into the new year? So… Shop online in 2012! Brick and mortar businesses are falling by the wayside, because virtual shopping is taking over the world! Need to try the clothes on? Fine. Go shopping, try on clothes, and even buy a pair of skinny pants that you love. Now that you know your size, hit the web when you get home, and find the same in black, khaki, or red by the same maker for less.

Use promo codes (electronic “C” things). Search the web for a promo code to use at checkout. has pulled into the front of the race in my opinion for finding plenty of promo codes that actually work! Some websites let you use more than one promo code at checkout. But for those that only allow one, and if you’ve found numerous codes, let their checkout software do the math for you. Apply each one at a time and see how each one affects your total. Maybe “free shipping” saves more than 20% off. Shop sites that offer free round trip shipping, free delivery to your doorstep, plus free returns. And don’t think you can’t use a promo code on top of a sale or even clearance. Most of the time, you can! AMAZING!!!

Sign up for exclusive email offers. It’s true. There really are exclusive offers by email that cannot be found anywhere else. I have my own shopping site with exclusive email offers that I love! It’s quick, easy and free to sign up. Yes, I’m signed up to get email offers from myself! LOL – But only for those things I’m interested in. I have a nasty little gourmet coffee bean fetish. But I get an email alert for special deals like an extra 20% off about every 3 months, just when I’m about to have caffeine withdrawal. I buy from but no-where on their site or anywhere else can I find the deals that I get exclusively by email via Teri’s Advantage. These kinds of offers are real and worth signing up for, especially for things you buy on a regular basis. There’s a lot more to get alerts on than just coffee, so don’t sign up for the 100% Kona coffee alerts, because you’ll get addicted and blame me!

Shop high-end sites for great savings. Yep! High-end, but only buy during their fire sales. In 2012, more and more of them will be having deeper discounted sales. Why? Well, quite frankly, they must do so to stay alive. So let’s support their cause! ;) I’ve always loved for their sales online. And lately, their sales are deeper than ever, and I expect to see them continue through the year. I just hit their “sale” tab, and shop only from there, and always use a promo code at checkout. They’re my one stop shop for new baby gifts, a Ralph Lauren jogging suit for $28 ($60 value), including free shipping and gift wrap. OK! Now for my decadent little secret… Even when I order for myself, I take the complimentary gift wrap! Maybe I don’t want an over-priced tube of mascara gift wrapped. But do you know how fun it is to open up a gift and it’s a new bra? Trust me…you’ll love it too!

Lifestyle expert Teri Gault is an industry leader in helping people learn how to save money while shopping. In addition to serving as both CEO and key expert for The Grocery Game, Inc, Teri frequently speaks to women’s organizations across the country, explaining how The Grocery Game allows her to streamline grocery shopping to save both time and money.

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