Simple Holiday Travel Health tips for Families: Tips for keeping the family safe and healthy this holiday season


The holidays are right around the corner and the cooler weather brings flu and cold season. It may seem that when traveling for the holidays with your family, your kids cannot keep their hands off of anything, from airport door handles to every pocket imaginable on the airplane. You cannot help but cringe as they then itch their face and nose.

With the cold weather, many noses will become dry, itchy and irritated. This causes little ones to continue to touch and itch their faces. This holiday season Boogie Wipes has created a list of tips to prevent illness during the madness of traveling.
Have a Talk with Your Kids – You may feel like you are on constant repeat but it is crucial to explain to your kids that it is important to keep their little hands to themselves. The airport is covered in germs and during flu season it is even more important to pre-warn your kids. Hopefully one of the million times you remind them, they listen and chose not to wipe their faces on the airport benches.
Make a quick pit stop – Before running to the plane, make a quick pit stop at the bathroom. Do everything in your power to avoid using the airplane’s bathroom where curious little ones will want to touch everything. Make sure your kids thoroughly wash their hands before heading to the plane.
Do a quick wipe down – nce boarding the plane, take the time before take off to do a quick wipe down of the airplane seats and seat belts. This will take little to no time and will help you to rest a little easier knowing that the seat was disinfected.

Stock up the carry on – For many children the high altitude of the plane bothers their noses and makes them dry and itchy. This causes kids to constantly rub and itch their face and nose meanwhile touching everything on the airplane. This is why it is important to plan accordingly, make sure you pack Boogie Mist and Boogie Wipes. By bringing these two things, your kids noses will be less itchy and their hands will stay off of their faces.

Bring the Blankies too – Once the kids calm down, they will likely want to get comfy. With the cool temperature on airplanes, make sure you pack their favorite blankets. You can also use sweaters as a makeshift chair cover. By covering the seats you are creating a barrier between your kids eyes and mouth and the germs covering the airplane seat.
Wishing you all safe and healthy travels this holiday season!

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