Sleeping Beauties:
Dream Team Baby, A Parent’s Dream Come True


The novelty of being an adult had never quite worn off on me. Having no homework to do, eating and drinking whatever I want, going to bed whenever I want, staying out as late as I want…Years of curfews and permission slips had done a superb job of making me truly appreciate being an adult. And then I had a baby. All of a sudden, this tiny, beautiful blessing is dictating what books I need to read, what I should be eating and drinking (or shouldn’t be) and of course, when I am allowed to sleep. And overnight (one sleepless overnight), everyone who told me to say goodbye to late nights and sleeping in on Saturday mornings began to make way too much sense. Reinforcements were necessary. Fortunately, I wasn’t so sleep deprived that I couldn’t make the brilliant decision to call Dream Team Baby for some much needed help.

Now, don’t get me wrong. My 4 month old son, Jake, has always been what parents would describe as a ‘good baby.’ He would often sleep for 6 or 7-hour stretches at a time – the operative word being ‘often’ and the 6-hour-stretches ending at 3 in the morning. The unpredictability of my son’s sleep habits was taking its toll. My head would hit the pillow in fear that at any minute he could wake up crying, at which point, my husband and I would flip a coin to see who would attend to him. I had the luxury of breast-feeding him back to sleep, whereas my husband had to resort to rocking him back and forth in the stroller 150 times while singing an off-key version of “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.” The swing also came to the rescue quite a bit. But we knew things had to change once the swing could barely budge under the weight of our 4 month old treasure, and we couldn’t clear out our DVR because we’d fall asleep midway through all the shows. It wouldn’t be long before our sleep deprivation took its toll on our marriage and our roles as new parents.

If the above scenario sounds even remotely familiar, then you should definitely contact Dream Team Baby. They truly are life changers. Granted, there is no shortage of books on the subject of sleep training a baby, but executing the plans mapped out in these books is challenging to say the least. There are always questions and uncertainties that come up during the process and a book doesn’t always suffice. I see it as the difference between buying a diet book and going to a Weight Watchers meeting. Sometimes, you just need a little extra support from another human being to be successful – and to be accountable to someone else. Otherwise you’ll cheat, you’ll cave, and ultimately gain those pounds back. But I digress. DTB offers you the personal support, guidance and expertise that you need to get through this process and come out on the other side with your relationships not only intact, but stronger than ever.

DTB gets to know your family and then creates a customized sleep plan that will work best for your child and your lifestyle. Before the actual training even gets underway, you’ll need to complete questionnaires, phone consultations and various exercises designed by DTB’s panel of experts (which includes a pediatrician, nurse practitioner, lactation consultant, behavior analyst, psychotherapist and co-founders Kira Ryan & Conner Herman).

A sleep specialist then stays for as many full nights as parents wish to implement the sleep plan. And though you’ll have all the tools you’ll ever need and a thorough understanding of the process should you ever need to train again, their consultants continue to give you support in subsequent weeks with periodic check-ins. I am beyond thrilled to report that Jake has been sleeping every night for 12.5 hours straight after only one night of the training. I’m able to make plans around his predictable nap schedule and enjoy the fact that crankiness (both Jake’s and ours is pretty much a thing of the past.

DTB’s philosophy is that a well-rested family is a happy and healthy family. I could not agree more and to describe my personal experience with DTB as a positive one would truly be an understatement. I’ll admit that I was a bit skeptical, even resistant at the beginning of the process, and I won’t lie – there is some crying involved. But now that I am living with the effective results, I can safely say that I am truly a believer! My sincere thanks to our sleep consultant, Natalie, and the entire Dream Team Baby for the amazing gift of sleep.

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