Small Luxuries


Often it’s small details that can transform an experience from ordinary to memorable: lighting, which way the wind blows, a reassuring smile at the right time, or a little hand tucked into your own as you walk down the street. Here are a few products that can make a difference in your day.

Children have to be reintroduced to salads a few times before they’ll consider them edible, and the Eat Cleaner Wash & Dryer Kit transforms the making of salads into play with a fun spinner and dryer feature. The kit includes a BPA-free spinner/dryer, 4 oz. of Eat Cleaner concentrate for soaking and cleaning vegetables and a produce scrub brush for removing pesticides, waxes and dirt. Find it at and let your children assist with dressings too.

Wallaroo hats, famous for their sun protection, are equally as useful in the winter months and provide needed sun protection on sunny winter days. The W Collection is great for winter and offers a selection of wool caps, fedoras, baseball caps and various shaped hats, trimmed in some cases with suede and featuring buckles or buttons. Fuse affordable style with warmth to feel pampered this winter by visiting

Athletes aren’t the only people who need to be hands-free and unencumbered with keys, money, credit cards and cell phone. Moms also need both hands for grabbing toddlers and crawling babies, especially away from home, which is when the Spibelt proves to be worth its weight in gold. Affordable and comfortable, the Spibelt has a zipper pouch and wraps around your waist. For this and other hands-free or athletic items, visit

Kusmi Tea is a delicious luxury. Founded by Pavel Michailovitch Kousmichoff of St. Petersburg, which eventually became one of the three largest tea companies in Russia, his son Viatcheslav launched Kusmi around the world. Gorgeous graphics combined with highest quality teas sets Kusmi apart and renders it an exquisite treat. Visit

Soft blankets, slippers and socks are a small winter luxury, and the Soft Hugwear brand offers everything from footwear and robes to blankets and soft spa accessories. Your little ones will appreciate the plush socks and blankets, which will keep you well within your budget. New Yorkers can order them online at Also available online at is Noah’s Naturals, an organic line gentle enough for children which includes lip balm, body wash, rosemary mint body lotion and a sea salt soak.

Pregnant moms will appreciate Go Girl, a rubbery device that permits women to use a public washroom without having to sit. Easy to clean, ingeniously designed, small and purse-portable, it’s ideal for camping, winter skiing, traveling in general, and for those last few months of pregnancy when you can’t really see your toes.

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