So You Think You Can Potty Train


There are certain aspects of parenting that inevitably become something of a competitive sport. Potty training is one such aspect. Try as we may to avoid it, most of us will feel the societal pressure to lose the diapers and proclaim our households ‘diaper-free’ way before we really need to. So, before we get our diapers, I mean, panties all in a twist, here are a few things to make this process as “easy” as your friends say it is.

Munchkin All-Star Potty Sea

The baseball graphics on Munchkin’s All-Stay Potty Seat will make any little slugger feel like a potty training pro. It features adjustable handles and a soft, contoured seat that fits securely on most standard toilet seats. The no-gap design keeps the floor and toilet seat clean and also prevents germ build-up. If the family is heading to a friends’ place to watch a game, the compact design allows you to take the potty seat anywhere and enables easy storage. Visit


Protect-A-Bed is a leading provider of bedding protection products designed to keep allergens and moisture from infiltrating mattresses. Their twin mattress protector will help Junior protect the “big kid bed” by creating a “lasagna” type of bedding changing system, in which two layers of protectors and sheets protect the mattress. Doing this helps parents (and children) move more quickly and return to sweet slumber sooner rather than later.

Protect-A-Bed also carries an underpad/sheet protector that prevents the constant washing of bedding after a child soils the bed. It is waterproof and absorbent, and washable and reusable, making changing the sheets and protecting the mattress a breeze while in the throws of potty training. Visit: and

Kushies Training Pants

If your little one isn’t quite ready for his Underoos, check out the adorable training pants from Kushies – the economical and environmentally friendly alternative to disposables. Kushies lightweight taffeta training pants help promote toilet training as the 100% cotton flannel inner layer allows the child to feel the sensation of wetness while reducing the risk of rashing. The interior soaker layer provides extra absorbency against accidents. Visit

Jahgoo 3 in 1…

Don’t worry about ruining your bathroom remodeling job with an eyesore of a potty. This gorgeous and practical 3-in-1 bathroom accessory is both stylish and ergonomically designed. The reservoir is easy to remove for uncomplicated cleaning. The removable non-slip toilet seat fits perfectly on any toilet seat. The stool can be used as a footrest when sitting on the big toilet, or as a stand-alone step stool (for use by both kids and adults). Available in white and lime. Please visit for info on where to buy, and sign up on their Facebook page to receive news of special promotions, new product introductions and more.

Myself Belts

Most potty training toddlers don’t unbutton or unzip, they just yank down, so pants that maybe fit in the morning, no longer work by lunch. With Myself Belts, potty training masters can not only be proud of themselves for using the toilet, but they can be independent from start to finish as they open and close their belts “all by themselves!” A must-have fashionable and functional children’s accessory for kids ages 2-10, Myself Belts patented closure, promote independence and boost self-esteem.

Check out their adorable designs like airplanes, hearts, trucks, leather and even a tool belt at

There is no shortage of products on the market to help your little one achieve this all-important milestone. From the incessant “Do the Potty Dance” commercial, to portable fold-up potties to both adult and children’s books on this subject, society has got you covered. And if this process isn’t as seamless for you as everyone claims it was for them, don’t worry too much. I mean, come on, it’s not like any of us went to college wearing Huggies, right?

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