Someone’s In The Kitchen for Thanksgiving


Holidays entail dining with family and friends, and for moms, they portend a lot of cooking. Here’s a roundup of new, improved or interesting items to render this Thanksgiving Dinner, and all of your meals, memorably delicious.

Whether hitting the highway or hailing a cab to see relatives this Thanksgiving, pack Hamilton Beach’s awesome Stay or Go 6-Quart Slow Cooker into your vehicle and let your holiday feast cook en route. Designed for travel with a clip-tight lid and full-grip handles, it’s easy to tote without spilling. Arrive with this baby in tow, and you’ll get the party started. Available at

There’s a tasty new barbeque sauce line in town, perfect for all meats and vegetables, and it’s called Succulent Sauces. This healthy line with no preservatives hails from Long Island and is as home-cooked as a sauce can be. Created by two friends with a passion for fresh and delicious, Succulent Sauces live up to their name. Available in Original Bold & Spicy, Asian and xxtra Bold & Spicy. Visit


Make this Thanksgiving special for baby too, with a Plum Organics meal such as Lentil Cranberry Chicken. Nutritious and so delicious that even adults enjoy them, these meals come in two stages: Real Smooth and More Texture to satisfy children 6 months and older. Order a holiday feast for baby at

Sacla cherry tomato sauces from Italy will infuse pasta dishes with the rich, intense flavors of natural ingredients – and remind you of the cobblestone streets and quaint charm of an Italian ristorante. They’re ready to use, and come in three flavors: Fresh Basil, Arrabiata, and Roasted Peppers.


Spice up your culinary masterpieces with Pinch Plus Organic Herbs and Spices, pre-measured packets sure to add a dash of flavor and complexity. When all you need is a dash of something, reach for these fresh, organic herbs and spices.

Brew a post-prandial pot of Millstone coffee to demonstrate the art of a superb master roaster. A Master Chef is to food as Master Roaster Rich Bertagna is to coffee. Look for your favorite blend at The dessert flavors are sugar-free, so choose between type of roast and flavors such as Vermont Maple, Chocolate Velvet, Caramel Truffle and more. Millstone is organic and fair-trade certified too.


Are you a tea person instead? If so, reach for a cup of , the brand founded by MoMA designer Peter Hewitt. is not only elegant and contemporary in look, but comes in loose and bagged, and dozens of types. Check out this exquisite line of tea at . Note that Tea Forte’s gift sets and accessories will make a perfect holiday gift for anyone who drinks tea. Here’s sweet news for everyone on a diet when it’s time for dessert: is a new product comprised of erythritol, a naturally-occurring sugar alcohol, and fruit and vegetable extracts as flavor enhancers. This zero-calorie, 100% natural sweetener has no impact on blood sugar and no calories. Don’t pass on the pie this year. Buy it by the barrel! May your Thanksgiving be filled with delights, loved ones, and food so delicious that you’ll pass out on the couch with a satisfied grin.

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