Sparklehearts – The Perfect Personal Care Products for Young Girls

I don’t always want to face the fact that my beautiful 8-year-old daughter is growing up at an alarmingly fast rate. Every mother nods with a knowing look when I tell her that I still want to cuddle and cradle my “baby” as I once did when she was smaller. Her maturity is happening way too quickly for my liking. But it is in fact happening, and she is changing in so many wonderful ways. I know I have to keep up with her on the journey.

Recently I started to think about the importance of helping her develop a sense of personal care that extends beyond the daily showers. Especially in the area of hair care, I wanted to introduce her to some products that clean her hair without chemicals. I also wanted a product that fit her age – the kid’s shampoo with the cartoon characters on the bottle just weren’t cutting it anymore, especially on her beautiful, but voluminous wavy hair. I needed something that smelled fresh and clean, worked to tame and control the frizzies, and smoothed out the tangles so we wouldn’t have to fight over the daily morning hair brushing ritual.

How could I help her develop a respect for personal hygiene when her biggest concern was how to cover up the assorted scrapes and blisters she got frolicking at recess time? The answer: with a hair-care line that’s not only tailored to the needs of girls but makes washing hair fun as well.

Sparklehearts line of personal care products for girls has a fruity, fresh smell and fun eye-catching packaging that my daughter loves. It is subtle and sweet. The formula also doesn’t have harmful chemicals. Everything in the line is totally free of Parabens, Phthalate, Sodium Lauryl/Laureth and Sulfate. She recently used the Sparklehearts Shine Shampoo and the Soft Conditioner and followed it up with the Detangler. The products themselves have a very light refreshing smell consisting of hints of lemon and fruity berry. The lather was not overwhelming, and it rinsed out of her hair easily. The next day, her hair was so smooth and silky, we both couldn’t stop running our fingers through it.

Two things began to happen in the mornings during our daily hair brushing ritual – my daughter requested using the Sparklehearts Detangler to smooth out her wavy hair before brushing. The morning hair brushing ritual became easier because I wasn’t pulling and tugging as much to style her hair. I can’t guarantee that the AM rush to get out the house will be any faster, but any product that tames the tangles in the early morning hours, is a keeper in my book. The other thing that happened was my daughter kept asking to use the shampoo and conditioner during her showers. She said she wanted the bathroom to fill up with the berry smell and commented on how smooth her hair was. That too was reason enough for the products to be welcome in my home.

With the introduction of Sparklehearts products, my daughter is developing a sense of pride in the daily task of taking care of her hair. As I watch this maturity grow, I’m beginning to look upon it with a sense of wonder. I’m watching her enjoy her newfound responsibility, and that feels great! Visit:

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