Summer Must-Haves for Mom & Baby


With an unusually long winter this year, we might end up skipping spring altogether and jumping right into some summer fun! And while you can easily reuse the same pool and beach toys from last summer, there are some things you may want to stock up on for the 2011’s season in the sun.

Gimme Some Sun-block!

Coppertone Water Babies, Aveeno Baby and Sunbow Sunscreen

There’s just something nostalgic about using Coppertone products in the summer. This reliable brand has a wide array of sun protecting products to keep your entire family safe from harmful sunrays. Their new Coppertone Water Babies Sunscreen Foaming Lotion SPF 75+ is a unique light and airy foam innovation that makes application super easy. This hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested, waterproof sunscreen is mild for babies’ delicate skin and provides broad spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays. Also available in Oil Free Foaming Lotion. Visit

Aveeno Baby’s Continuous Protection Sunblock Lotion with SPF 55 combines their signature skin-soothing oatmeal with their patented Active Photobarrier Complex to maintain broad spectrum protection over time while simultaneously nurturing your baby’s delicate skin. This waterproof, non-greasy, natural oatmeal-rich formula is as gentle to the skin as water. Visit

If your child puts up a fight every time you reach for the sunblock, try Sunbow Sunscreen. Their SpongeBob SquarePants Yellow and Dora the Explorer Pink sunscreens are, not surprisingly, a hit with the kids! And since Sunbow offers maximum protection from UVA/UVB rays, while being free of the harsh chemical actives found in many other brands, parents love them as well. Applied in colors and then dried clear, you can color your busy bee in Sunbow so that the sun is safe and fun! The Sunbow Sunscreen collection includes a rich Zinc Oxide Cream, bubble gum scented Sunscreen Spray, and a soothing Sun Stick. Visit and

Wine Trax

Keep the baby weight off and the bikini on this summer with the help of Wine Trax, a wonderful common-sense approach to simply elegant portion control. Leave the measuring cups in the cupboard and effortlessly stick to your diet with their specially marked wine glasses, dinner plates and snack bowls (with resealable plastic lids for on-the go portion control). Lightly frosted rings discreetly let you know how much of each food or drink you should be consuming to stay healthy and keep the scale from moving in the wrong direction. Visit

Keratin Earth

There isn’t a mom out there who wants to spend the hot summer blow drying and flat-ironing her hair! Keratin Earth, an at-home hair-straightening kit will keep your frizzy hair at bay and your money in your wallet. Keratin Earth won’t make your hair pin straight like Japanese hair straightening would, but it costs only $79.95, it works on even the coarsest of hair, it’s fast and easy to do, and it doesn’t have any harmful chemicals or formaldehyde – it’s actually good for your hair and makes styling super easy.

The kit includes the straightening therapy, shampoo, conditioner and a conditioning mask. Just flat-iron your hair after using the products and then put that iron away for at least 30 days (results could even last up to 3 months). To purchase, visit

Lands End

Lands End offers one-stop shopping for your entire family’s summer wardrobe. Find a wide selection of clothes, beach towels, totes, swim shoes and swimsuits for you, your hubby and your kids (size toddler and up). Many of the Lands End ‘Beach Living’ swimsuits offer UPF 50 sun protection and dry in a flash. With mix and match swim tops and bottoms for both you and your kids, summer fun in the sun just got a lot more practical, not to mention, stylish! Visit

Sip N’ Go Flexible Water Bottles

Moms need to keep their kids (and themselves) hydrated throughout the hot summer months. Introducing the fun and flexible Sip N’ Go, the environmentally friendly and transportable water bottle that will keep you cool and hydrated all summer long.

Sip N’ Go is a light-weight, BPA-free water bottle which comes equipped with durable snaps that allow it to be folded to fit in the palm of your hand. These affordable water bottles hold 17 ounces of liquid and can easily fit in (or clip onto) a backpack, stroller or gym bag. Dishwasher safe, freezable and available in bright pink and blue. To purchase, visit

This year, winter felt endless, but we all know that summer goes by in the blink of an eye. With these summer essentials on hand, you’ll be able to spend the summer having fun while still being mom-practical – and all the while looking fabulous!

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