Summer Must-Haves for the Whole Metro-Family


We suffered one of the worst winters ever and now summer seems to be coming on with a vengeance. But with these summer must-haves we can have our fun in the sun and keep winter where it belongs – in January.

Anywhere Labels from Safety Tat

Anywhere Labels by the ID Experts at SafetyTat are brand new uber-durable and attractive labels – personalized with a name and an optional phone number. Anywhere Labels are dishwasher, washing machine and microwave safe. Available in a variety of colors and patterns in tag or adhesive form, these labels can be personalized with favorite colors and hobbies, medical information and allergies. Also check out their water-applied tattoos. They’re the perfect way to keep your kids safe, organized and styling this summer! Visit

pediped Shoes

Kids and parents alike just love pediped. The perfect shoes for any occasion or activity, pedipeds keeps your child’s foot safe, protected and totally adorable throughout their growth and development. Be sure to check out the new Grip ‘n Go memory foam collection of machine-washable and water-safe shoes, ideal for the active camper who wants to go right from the field to the pool! Visit

Tamarillo UV50+ Clothing

There is no shortage of UPF clothing and swimsuits on the market but if you want ultimate style too, check out the beautiful and practical designs from Tamarillo. Their UV50+ clothing for the beach or pool are not your average ‘rash guards’ but tailored, zippered tops in the elegant shades of the South of France with the highest quality fabric and protection. You’ll absolutely love their sun hats too! Visit


Summer wouldn’t be complete without a pair of Crocs! As always, Crocs has come out with a line of super cute, durable, comfortable water shoes that every kid can easily slip into on their way to the pool. So, get those jibbitz charms ready and enjoy these fashionably comfy shoes for any occasion and any family member. Visit

Chilly Jilly Wraps

If you’ve ever gone from a sweltering 100-degree day to a freezing air-conditioned restaurant (and I’m sure you have), you’ll want to have a Chilly Jilly Wrap on hand. These super soft wraps fold up neatly into a compact silk bag that fit easily into a purse or carryon so they can be whipped out whenever and wherever a chill strikes. The wraps are made with a unique double-brushed fabric so they’re always cozy, lightweight and wrinkle-resistant – perfect for travel. Chilly Jilly Wraps double as a bathing suit cover up and the perfect companion on the plane or during a sunset. Visit

Josh Cellars Wine & the Metrokane Wine- Chilling Crystal Carafe

Celebrate the 4th with a beverage that was made in the USA, like Josh Cellars Wine. The California-based brand’s chardonnay sells for under $15 and has a bright, fruity flavor with a fresh finish making it a great addition to your Independence Day bash and all of your summer BBQs. And keep your wine cool at the pool with the Metrokane Rabbit Wine-Chilling Crystal Carafe. Its stainless steel ice chamber keeps wine cool without messy buckets or diluting, and the glass body keeps beverages cool in a naturally BPA-free container. Holds a full 750 ml bottle of wine and can work for cooled drinks like lemonade.

Taylor’s Button Grilling Thermometers

Nobody wants to end a fabulous summer soiree with food poisoning. Make sure your hot dogs, chicken and burgers are cooked to perfection on the grill with Taylor’s Button Grilling Thermometers. Their leave-in style is calibrated to cook beef, poultry and pork to the perfect temperature without the guesswork—or the worry.

Now go have some fun in the sun!

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