Teens and Tweens at Holiday


When the tale of Santa and his magical sleigh, is met with a knowing smirk, these fabulous gifts can make even the most skeptical pre teen a wide-eyed believer again.


Hammacher Schlemmer’s Television Interactive Snowboarding Simulator lets your snowboarders shred from the warmth and comfort of home – but with the same downhill twists, turns and thrills. No broken legs, just hours of virtual snowboarding excitement. Try it yourself: snowboard…then make some hot chocolate! Visit www.hammacher.com.


Your personal superhero will savor every epic moment of Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Burning Earth for Wii, Playstation 2, Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance. Aang’s latest adventures will leave children spellbound! Features multi-player action, firebending moves, and flying levels. Find Avatar and other interactive software at www.PlayTHQ.com.

Boomerang Toys offers Gobblet, a quality wooden game that sharpens strategy skills and is easy to pack for vacation and sleepovers. The concept is simple: line up four of your colors in a row, but when a larger peg can gobble a smaller one, the strategy thickens. Visit www.boomerangtoys.com for Gobbet and a multitude of other toys. Read more

Tweens can tip their stylish Little Brims to holiday cheer, available online only at www.lilbrims.com, and protect cell phones and iPods with Naztech leather cases or stylish Kangaroo tech gear cases, both available at www.amazon.com.

Ogio’s Road Trip Backpack lets the middle school set tote their books and gear in style. Ogio offers an array of sizes, fashions and strap options to suit your tween. They’re adorable! Visit www.ogio.com to choose a favorite.


KuKuxumusu is a wild and woolly backpack source for teens and tweens with a wonderful global twist. Here you can find unique graphics and an assortment of very well-made bags. Check them all out at www.coolcomputerbags.com or www.amazon.com.

High Sierra backpacks feature the Diva Day Pack and many others with pockets and a built-in back beat control switch for iPods and other tech gear. Available at www.ebags.com, www.luggagesource.com and www.amazon.com.


The Word Sweep Game from Intellinitiative Games , for ages 10+, boosts vocabulary and invokes quick-thinking – both admirable traits in teens. Fun for all, and available at www.wordsweep.com and www.amazon.com. Good Heavens: The Astronomy Game is great for star-loving teens and teens who could use a lessons in astronomy. Comets, meteors and solar system lore is in the cards; buy it at www.educationallearninggames.com. Another teen favorite is Table Topics, the cards that present great questions to spark colorful, insightful conversation. A perfect way to encourage teens to talk! www.tabletopics.com.


Diva-licious Diva Style Red or Green Feathered Stockings to hang for goodies are memorable gifts for fashionista teens, available at www.femailcreations.com (and the site offers McDreamy baby “scrubs” for infants).

The Wii Soft Sports Kit caps your Wii handle with the appropriate sports gear. Baseball, tennis and golf can now be played on Wii with the feeling of a real bat, golf club or racket. Welcome to the future! Available at www.dreamGear.net.


Effie’s Heart Hats are not your usual caps. Featured on the Tyra Banks Show and festooned with a flower or vintage photos such as the original typewriter or a timeless portrait, these are modern hats with a timeless quality. Named after the founder’s grandmother, they’re head and shoulders above most other hats. Find one at www.effiesheart.com.

ESPN college-licensed clothing offers hoodies from favorite schools and are sure to please a big, strapping teen this holiday season. Choose your school, style and preferred colors at www.ESPNShop.com, and keep someone you love warm this winter.

Tivitz, the math strategy game, is ideal for tweens who excel in math and those who want to excel in math. This strategy game will be challenging enough to spark brain cells, yet fun enjoy to warrant playing time and again. It’s as easy as checkers and as challenging as chess. You can play it online, too! Order at www.tivitz.com.

From ready for middle school to ready for college, this holiday roundup will cover everyone on your gift list who falls into the adolescent zone.

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