The Healthy Kitchen

Your family’s health is centered on your kitchen: what you cook, how you cook it, what you cook it in, and how you clean it. To render your kitchen time as beneficial possible, here are some products that either bolster health, or provide protection for your family.

When you stock your kitchen with Xtrema high cookware, you ensure even heating and more nutritional eating. Unlike metal nonstick coating that deteriorates and flakes off into food, Xtrema is made with earth-friendly natural minerals from the earth’s crust, and the manufacturing process does not produce any pollutants. Innovative and modern, Xtrema is also lovely to look at and elegantly designed. Best of all: it can travel from microwave to broiler to barbecue grill, and retain heat for extended periods – which is perfect for dinner soirees. Refrigerator, freezer and dishwasher safe, Xtrema is more versatile than your yoga teacher. You cannot possibly scratch Xtrema, it’s non-reactive (which means no chemicals, gases or toxins are released when cooking, even at temperatures that exceed 2500 F), and you can cook and store foods in the same cookware. Peruse the selections at and consider your family, the earth, and how excellent the teapots look.

The Toddy coffee brewing system has a cold-water brewing process that extracts the superb flavor of coffee and tea, and leaves behind bitter acids and oils, which results in an ultra-smooth, gentler cup of joe. Toddy can be made one cup at a time, and served hot or iced, at exactly the strength you prefer. Be kinder to your stomach – and see why coffee connoisseurs prefer a cold-water brew at While you’re at the site, order some of Seattle’s Best Coffee to enrich the experience with Beach House Blend high-quality beans to recreate the coffeehouse experience, which can also be found at

Add an affordable dash of Parisian bistro style to your kitchen with L. Tremaine’s Butter Bell Crock. A small amount of cold water seals butter in the base of the crock, and then whenever you need butter for your freshly baked croissant – voila! – lift up the top. Available in numerous styles and colors, you’re sure to find one you love for yourself, and for every friend, relative and neighbor at

Cor silver soap contains a patented formula of nano-silver with silica and ingredients derived fron natural sources. Silver is one of the best natural anti-bacterial agents, and strong enough to eradicate garlic, fish and onion odors on hands while retaining moisture and protecting hands; now available in full or sample sizes at

First Alert’s Tundra is the size of a hairspray can, and the answer to your prayers if something you cook flames up unexpectedly and suddenly sets fire. Reasonably priced, strong and effective, this is a lightweight fire extinguisher that’s not only handy, it’s heavenly. Find it at

Stock your cabinets with two protective new products: Vitalah’s Oxylent, the next generation of the effervescent multi-vitamin (kids love them!), found at, and Omega Longevity from Nordic Naturals, with green tea and resveratrol for heart health. Rife with omega-3s, vitamine E and the benefits of green tea, this latest offering from Nordic Naturals is a must-have; available at health food stores and at

In these times, if health is wealth, then protection is a great investment!

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