Things That Make Mom’s Life A Little Easier


Small things do make a difference… an incredibly soft towel, a shirt that fits just right, a pillow that isn’t lumpy or flat, and an alarm clock with just the right pitch are some of them. Here are a few things for moms to soften their day and make life more comfortable.


Lexees brand shoes offer something new for moms: comfort combined with variety. These slip in sandals come with dozens of different “snap on” top choices for matching with outfits, and are attractive enough to wear with dresses or slip on around the house. Even the heel is designed for comfort and flexibility: tall enough for dress occasions, low enough for walking great distances with a stroller. You can choose between a 1 ½ inch or 2 ½ inch wedge heel, in black, chocolate brown or deep pink. Three tops are included, so you are truly buying three shoes for one price. Visit to check out the surprisingly vast array of prints and colors. More...

Tummy Tuck brand jeans are for moms with lovely curves who want to fit their post-baby tummy into stylish jeans. Designed to shape, contour, lift and flatten in all the right places without being uncomfortable or tight, these denim jeans boast a special crisscross panel across the stomach and extra stretch in the rear. The skinny on these jeans is that they’re made for real women with girly hips and feminine attributes. Visit and


Combine the coziness of slippers with a soothing foot massage with Homedics Massaging Pedicure Slippers. Kick back at home when the kids are napping and give your feet a rest. Soft terry cloth soothes, and SmartFoam molds and cradles your foot. All you need are 2 AA batteries and the opportunity to pamper yourself. Best benefit: a $1 of your purchase is donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. One sizes fits all, sizes 6 -10. Available at

Feeling good makes us look good, and moms need a break now and then to feel relaxed and to recharge. Whether massaging your feet in pillow-soft slippers or slipping into jeans that make you beam, the result is the same: contentment.

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