Top Five Essentials for the Perfect Nursery


This month, has the pleasure of introducing Susie Fougerousse, owner of Rosenberry Rooms, a leading online high-end children’s retailer, offering everything you need when decorating a child’s room. As a mother of four (with a 5th on the way), Susie has the personal and professional experience to know exactly what you need and just how to create the perfect look for your baby’s nursery.

Glider Chair

Glider by Oilo

I did not experience the glory of a glider until my third baby arrived, and boy, I can’t believe what I missed out on with the first two. So many hours are spent sitting in a chair, rocking and feeding your baby, and later reading books or snuggling and a standard rocking chair just doesn’t do the trick. If you have enough space, you might consider opting for a double glider or chair and a half, so your husband or other children can join the cuddle time.

Inspiring Artwork

Art by Oopsy Daisy

I will often pick a piece of wall art that I love, and must have, for my children’s rooms, and base the entire color scheme and bedding selections on that. In my opinion, a fun and inspiring piece of art is what really adds personality to a room. Along with teaching a child the value of art appreciation at an early age, it will also give you something to gaze at during those many hours spent (in your glider) in the nursery. The selection of fine art reproductions for children is staggering, the quality is fantastic and the colors current, so you will have no trouble finding a piece that you love. If your budget won’t permit for canvas wall art, you can opt for adorable wall appliqués that can give you the same great look for much less.

Comfortable & Washable Bedding

Washable Bedding by Serena & Lily

God bless the moms with the patience to deal with dry clean only bedding! As beautiful as it is, my practical side, keenly developed over the years of raising 4 kids, tells me to go washable all the way. Once you have covered your bases with a breathable, soft and washable fabric, you have the hardest decision ahead of you – which is whether or not to choose crib bedding with a theme. You can’t go wrong either way, but it’s a good idea to balance out themed bedding with more subtle accessories, whereas you can have a bit more fun with décor if the bedding is understated.

Great Lighting

Ceiling Pendant by Stray Dog Designs & Table Lamp by Stray Dog Designs

Start with an overhead light that is nice and bright for playtime. There are so many great options to choose from. Whether you are looking for a feminine chandelier, clean ceiling pendant or themed light fixture, you will have no problem finding an eye-catching piece. It is also very important to have a secondary light source, such as a table or floor lamp, for reading and relaxing, and to set a quiet mood for bedtime. A decorative nightlight is also a must, so that you can find your way around for nighttime feedings.

Functional Furniture

Convertible Crib by Young America

Likely to be the biggest purchase you will make for your new baby’s room, there is a lot to consider when deciding what furniture to buy. The first thing to decide is whether or not you would like to pass the crib down to your next child, or if you would prefer that it convert to a bed. This will dictate whether to purchase a convertible or traditional crib. If the furniture will be passed down to other siblings, you will also want to remain more gender neutral with your selections. I love the fact that most dressers are now available with removable changing tabletops. This is a much better solution than buying a dedicated changing table, which will only last a short time and doesn’t provide as much storage space. The last piece that I suggest for a nursery is a bookshelf. You will need a place to store photos, books, stuffed toys and so many other cute gifts that you will be receiving. You can choose between a freestanding bookcase, built-in shelving, or wall shelves, all of which are great options.

Rosenberry Rooms is a leading online high-end children’s retailer, offering everything you need when decorating a child’s room. Susie Fougerousse has been interviewed by ABC news on the topic of safe sleeping environments for babies and in US News and World Report on the positive aspects of being an entrepreneur in a tough economy. Ms. Fougerousse has contributed her writing to various online outlets including, and Luxury Home Quarterly. Rosenberry Rooms has also been a part of Extreme Makeover Home Edition multiple times.

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