Trimmings For Tots: Holiday Gift Guides

When we think of accessories, we tend to think of items for adults. Rarely do we picture that every item a baby or child can’t live without (like the bedside blankie) is in fact, their version of an accessory. Whether it is a traditional item like shoes, a hat or headband to a favorite toy-they never leave home without it. I found a few that made the cut for this holiday gift guide.


clean key animals
We all know the baby that goes into mommy’s purse looking endlessly for her keys. Her keys are a dangerously dirty no-no, which makes it all the more fun. Now mom doesn’t have to be in fear of a detour to the doctor’s office anytime soon. kleynimals looks, sounds and acts just like a pair of keys but are made for baby. They can chew and shake these keys all they want and with no fear. For babies 6 months and up, non-toxic, 100% food grad stainless steel, dishwasher safe and made in the US.
Get your baby ready to meet new friends- Eli the Elephant, Gus the Giraffe, and Leo the Lion.
Price: $28.00
Available at:


Caramel Velour Baby Booties (6m, 12m, 18m)
Gray Cozie Baby Furry Lined Booties With Grippers (12m, 18m)
Life is better in booties. These plushy and comfy feet pillows are suited for age newborn-18 months depending on style. The Velour booties snap into place and hold on baby’s feet so when you look down at that little smile; you don’t notice one shoe MIA and the other about to fall off. The Cozie style offers grip on the bottom for those who are getting ahead of themselves and trying to run before they can walk-stops them in their tracks!
Price: Velour Booties $21.00
Furry Lined Booties With Grippers- $25.00
Available at:

Claessens’ Kids

Sleep Trainer is not only a fun timing tool for the child but also an essential accessory for the valuable job of a parent. When talking to my friend recently, she remarked how she longed for the days of sleeping in on the weekends past 7am. With kids, it’s hard to come by. What might help with this fantasy wish my friend has?
Teach your child how to learn time where they can be a part of the process. Let them feel a sense of accomplishment when they learn the right time to go to bed and wake up. With this product, they view through the clock smart function, a sunset “go to sleep” and a moonset “wake up process”. The product features 3 settings for night, naptime and for the weekend when you prefer that they understand the “sleeping in” concept. The clock has an LCD screen and four levels of brightness for desired dim and has use as a nightlight. In addition, the clock offers several different alarm and lullaby choices. The perfect product exhibiting the joy of learning-it can be fun!
Price: $49.99
Available at:


Rubber duckie, you’re the one…these durable ducks are no exception! It’s like swimming with larger than life celebs. Each duck is created with cunning craftsmanship and uniquely tailored to fit a variety of fun themes and celebrity look alikes. The box included is designed to reflect each theme and background your duck is suited for. Whether it is your favorite musician, character or actor-it’s all covered. Check out the Pirate of the Quackibbean, Goosebusters, Breaking Bath, Mad Quax Pond Warrior, Mr. T and many more. My favorite is Yoda from “Spa Wars” and “Harry Ponder” from the Ducky Shallows. Each duck is non-toxic and about the size of an adult hand so a bit larger than the traditional bath time duck. If you looking for a duckie for baby too- The GOOD Duck is PVC Free , Phthalate Free , BPA Free and suitable for teething!
Price: $11.99
Available at:

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