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What’s the ONE thing a mom does better than anyone else? The answer? A MILLION things…all at the same time! Our amazing ability to multi-task is perhaps the best time saver of all, but even the best of us could use a helping hand (or five) to make our job a bit easier. With these great products, spending time with the kiddies can be the luxury it’s meant to be!

Baby Ktan Carrier

Folding laundry, packing lunches, typing an email…all of these everyday tasks take time to do. Now try doing them with one hand tied behind your back. Takes twice as long, right? If your baby is like most babies, the bouncy seat, exersaucer or crib only buys you a few minutes before your baby starts to fuss. So before your living room becomes an obstacle course of baby gear, why not try a stylish carrier like the Baby Ktan? Unlike other carriers on the market which might as well require a PhD to operate, the Baby Ktan is super easy to figure out and is extremely safe and comfortable to wear (it has no unnecessary fabric, buckles or snaps). This soft cotton carrier can hold a baby 8-35 pounds in 7 different positions. Just think of all that you can accomplish, all the while holding your baby snuggly close to you?


suki™ skincare tinted active moisturizer

It’s 8:52 and you have to walk your kids to preschool by 9. Who has time to put on a full face of makeup? With suki skincare’s tinted active moisturizer, you can even out your skin tone, moisturize AND protect yourself from harmful UVA damage in one easy step. Suki skincare offers clinically-proven natural solutions and is the first & only synthetic-free solution that integrates advanced technology with botanical actives. Available in three blendable shades, all of which contain a natural SPF, this moisturizer will conceal just how sleep deprived you are. Visit

Remington Wet 2 Straight Iron

Expensive straightening treatments, weekly blowouts, hot summer days stuck in a bathroom with a hot blow dryer – to say we’re slaves to our hair would be an understatement. But now, with Remington’s Wet 2 Straight iron, gorgeous straight hair can be ours in a matter of minutes, with literally no sweat at all. With Remington’s exclusive vent and channel technology, this straightener takes your hair from wet to sleek and straight in no time at all – no blow dryer needed! Heating up in seconds to multiple heat settings, it’s perfect for super busy moms who don’t have tons of time to style their hair, but still want to look chic.

Available at and

Poo Pourri

Whether your neighbor pops on over for a surprise visit or you’re hosting a dinner party, your home always has to be ready for guests. But scrubbing toilets and cleaning out diaper pails minutes before someone’s arrival is not part of the plan. After all, you have yourself to worry about. So, thanks to entrepreneur, Suzy Batiz, creator of Poo Pourri, we can take our time slipping into our Manolos and applying our makeup. Suzy channeled her talent for aromatherapy into the creation of Poo~Pourri, an essential oil spritz to use before you go, “so no one else will ever know.” Shared first with friends, the amazingly effective spray was soon in demand by classy-yet-fun retailers across the U.S. and for good reason.


Rembrandt Intense Stain Toothpaste

Want something to smile about? With Rembrandt’s Intense stain toothpaste and other Total Care + Whitening products, busy moms can remove and prevent deep stains and maintain their whitening routine quickly and conveniently in their own homes. Formulated with new CaCO3 micrawhitening™ technology, Reach™ Total Care + Whitening toothbrushes are purposefully designed for superior plaque removal and whitening. Now go and enjoy that third cup of coffee. You know you need it.

It’s cliché but true: kids grow up so fast. Hopefully, we’ve given you a few ideas on how to spend less time on all that nonsense stuff and more time with who really matters – your children.

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