Tweens Go Back To School in Style

It is Fall again and time for Tweens to revamp last year’s wardrobe without delay. In Manhattan, hip girls like to shop at Lester’s, the go-to destination for contemporary fashion on the Upper East side. This coming Fall(or September), the popular 60-year-old retailer will be opening a shopping site on the World Wide Web to share its unique selection of must-haves with the expert insight of style professionals.


This fall, Native American Folk is definitely the look to get. Feathers hang from hair and ears, geometric Native American designs adorn shirts and belts, while fringes hang from bags, jackets and boots. This feather print shirt from Rock Candy, Lester’s own label, is the must have top of the season to match with your favorite jeans or leggings. Check


Model credit Cassidy Capstick

In this time of zig zagging financial markets, it is not a bad idea to go bargain hunting for your Tweens’s favorite fashion pieces. Unique Italian creations for Fall are a plenty at Daffy’s, the well known discount retailer of the Tri-State area. Where else will your picky fashionista find the exquisite Gattinoni line at a quarter of the price? Adorable little plaid skirts with contrasting embroidered tutu-like hems, crisp white shirts, stylish gowns in the best-blended fabrics, ruffle collar tunics and better quality leggings are all in avant-garde cuts that stimulate the imagination! Your Tween will appreciate getting a few of these designs for the price of one. For more information on store location and special coupons check out


Bearpaws, the comfortable suede boot brand young girls cant get enough of, has launched its Fall “savvy Collection”. The 12 “tall Mara II Boot is in Ocelot printed Cow Suede Sheepskin with wool blend lining and a Sheepskin foot bed. This unique line of jungle animal prints gives a kick to all casual looks this Fall. Available at


Perfect for on-the-go school activities, Aquastop, a new line of rain boots has great fun designs, from stripes to flowers, for all active girls. Tweens may also like the cool appeal of the more traditional yet classy plaid-lined Tara style that slips on and off like a loafer. Available in Navy, Green and Black rubber at Kohl’s stores nationwide and


Payless is launching the New Brash™ Teen Brand this Fall and providing a wide collection of handbags that can be used as fashion-statement school bags like this Tara X Body Black Bag in faux leather with the contemporary feel all girls want. Available at Payless stores and

New Wave Environmental Products

For your Tween’s lunch think of adding a beautiful Stainless Steel Panda Water Bottle from New Wave Environmental Products that is safe, sound and economical. The partnership between Pandas International and New Wave Environment Products is to help ensure the preservation of the Giant Panda, a fight every child is sensitive to and would want to be a part of. These steel quality bottles are available in Jewel Tone Red, Blue, Turquoise and Satin Silver. Visit

Tweens are aware of the image they project. Dressing creatively depends on a few good basics you can play up with different accessories, shoes and boots. Choosing companies that respect the environment triggers good future habits too. With this list in hand, your on-the-go daughter is sure to have plenty of options for the Fall without necessarily breaking your bank.

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