A Dog’s Nirvana


As a city dweller, where do you find peace and quiet and rejuvenation? A spa? A secluded 5-star resort? The Cloisters? Where does your dog go for the same escape?

Who would believe that one of the quietest and most exhilarating places on the planet is in New York City and for dogs. It’s true. My dog, Chi, goes from a hyper, neurotic Chihuahua I’ve coined “Nightmare,” to a relaxed state only seen in Buddhist colonies. SPOT dog care services (http://www.thespotexperience.com) offers something so unbelievable you have to see it with your own ears — a bark-free environment.

It’s called the Human Alpha Instinct Method™ and under the leadership of canine behaviorist, Brewster Smith, every dog behaves like a dog but in a controlled and orderly pack. Cesar Millan the “Dog Whisperer,” repeatedly talks about a “pack leader” and maintaining all dogs in a healthy, submissive state, well SPOT adopts this same principal with a human in that role. Dogs get plenty of water, treats, rest and exercise but in a Zen-like facility.

With 4 stores in the city, a location at Newark Airport and a country camp in Putnam County, services include daycare, overnights, long-term boarding, grooming, training, transportation, and retail.

You can take my word that your dog will be pampered and cared for by the best trained handlers or you can watch for yourself — every store is equipped with webcams so owners can monitor their dog on their computers or mobile phones.

With the largest and private outdoor park in the city and daily canine transportation, SPOT takes dog care to a new level.

It’s the lap (dog) of luxury.

452A Columbus Ave.
New York, NY
T: 212.787.7387

105 W 72nd St.
New York, NY
T: 212.362.7387

21 Murray St.
New York, NY
T: 212.374.6900

145 West 20th St.
New York, NY
T: 212.366.0999

Find out more at http://www.thespotexperience.com

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