A Paw Above The Rest

Awards are always good. Remember the gold star you craved for in kindergarten? Three award-winning standouts at the Global Pet Expo earlier this year are new on store shelves, and you should give them a second look. After all, they won the Best In Show in their categories, beating out hundreds of products.

A sure bet to keep any cat occupied for hours and a contender on a funniest pet TV show is the Frolicat BOLT (http://www.frolicat.com). Endlessly entertain your cat with red laser patterns generated by this interactive toy. Simply set the BOLT on a flat surface and let it randomly work for a 15-minute session, or hold the device and create your own patterns to playfully puzzle your pet. Laser automatically shuts off after 15 minutes in either mode and also includes a manual on-off switch. You can adjust the mirror to aim the laser across a variety of surfaces, like a scratching post if kitty’s nails need a trim. Don’t tell the cats, but dogs love it too. Pick one up or watch videos of playing cats at http://www.frolicat.com.

Ever have the problem of deciding which leash to attach to your dog’s collar? You need a retractable because you’re going to the park, but you’re also stopping by at the drycleaners on the way home and need to secure Fido outside the store. Lasso Leashes (http://www.dogmaticproducts.com) are the world’s first and only security-locking leash. It quickly locks to everyday objects such as meters and light posts, with a detaching and extending arm; even with large objects, you can easily circle the lead around the object then lock it. The internal lock system has 14 adjustable gears for added security, supporting up to 500 pounds of pressure. That should hold the most rambunctious pooch in place.

An award winner in the Bird Category at the Global Pet Expo is a bird toy and treat in one. Give your bird hours of chewing exercise and playtime as well as a surprise treat with the self explanatory Polly Wanna Pinata (http://www.fetchit.com). Made out of natural non-toxic 100% bird friendly materials, the Polly Wanna Pinatas come in two styles: a Treat filled Polly Wanna Pinata which has a healthy mixture of banana chips, raisins, pineapple & papaya inside, and a Fill your own Polly Wanna Pinata which lets you add your own toy or treat filling with an easy-fill trap door. Like dogs, birds not only love to chew but need to chew. By providing a healthy natural toy filled with nutritious treats you allow your bird to maintain a healthy lifestyle while enjoying the natural instinct to chew. Pick up a cat, penguin or bird shaped pià±ata at http://www.fetchitpets.com.

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