A Taste For Leather


My last dog had a great taste for leather. It’s not as if she was stylish in a leather collar. She literally loved the taste of leather, and would cheerfully chew on my leather boots, belts, her own dog collar. If your pooch has the same hankerings, divert her attention away from your expensive leather goods to her own leather chew toys from Auburn Dog Toys.

You can find these stylish toys with or without tugs. The flat leather ones come in bone shapes, circles and even one that looks like the sole of a men’s shoe. The tug toys come in 4 different designs, including one with disks, for the aggressive chewer.

All the toys are made with vegetable tanned leather, which means they use the bark of trees to treat the leather, not chemicals. The toys are sturdily stitched with cotton thread and have no glue, staples or squeakers to harm your pet.

The upstate NY based company also make adorable foot wear … for pooches! The Australian Style Dog Boots are made of strong, pliable leather. They provide effective protection and allow for natural traction for hiking and working dogs when on rough or jagged terrain. These boots are from a design used by Australian working sheep dogs and cattle dogs. Search and Rescue Dogs have also used these dog boots in many situations, so you know they’re durable. Boots conform to each paw, and dog’s toenails protrude through the boot, to secure the fit and allow for natural traction. The design is very different from dog booties.

Get leathered up by getting a leather chew toy from NY pet stores like The Salty Paw, Petropolis or Zoomies.

The Salty Paw
38 Peck Slip
Ph: 212-732-2275

91 Washington Place
Ph: 2120608-2234

434 Hudson Street
Ph: 212-462-4480

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