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On walks in the park, looking up has always brought endless fun for my dog Darby. My Irish Setter finds amusement with the rustling of the leaves, squirrels scampering on branches, and birds twittering in their nests. She knows that sometimes, the best finds are above eye-level. And in NY, you will find some interesting pet related places above the main street.


If you head to the third floor of Dance Times Square on alternate Saturdays, you might find your feet hustling, swinging or fox trotting. That’s because Dancing for Animals (www.DancingForAnimals.org) holds dance classes dedicated to bringing people together to dance and to help animals at the same time. All funds raised go to educational programs and financial grants to support animal organizations.

Dancing For Animals
Studio 44 at Dance Times Square
156 W 44th Street, 3rd Floor
Alternate Saturdays through Dec
8:30 – 9:30PM Introductory Class
9:30 – 12:30PM General Dancing
Cost: $10
Introductory Class Schedule
11/3 Single Swing
11/17 Hustle
12/1 Rumba
12/15 Foxtrot
For information, call Dancing for Animals at 212-946-1824


Photos courtesy of Haruko Foto Inc

Let you dog or cat become a sexy beast at a second floor loft in Union Square! Give Pitter Patter Pet Pix (www.HarukoPix.com) a call, and they’ll capture the charisma of your furry friend on film forever. Re-decorate your apartment with your pet’s bold portraits, or send out holidays cards of your best friend. Each session is about 2 hours, at Capsule Studio.

Pitter Patter Pet Pix
Photography session will take place at Capsule Studio, 873 Broadway #204, Union Square, NYC.
Call 212-475-1199 to book a date for your shoot.


If you visit the 4th floor apartment of Peter Lindenbaum and his daughter Katie, you’ll find Katie’s Kitty (www.KatiesKitty.com). They offer a very unique boarding service in loving host family homes all over Manhattan, for both dogs and cats. Every home is available to be seen by appointment before you make your decision. For the purpose of putting you at ease, they invite you to bring your pet to one of their host family homes for a free play date so that you, your pet and the sitter can become acquainted.

Katie’s Kitty
170 East 83 Street, Suite 4F
New York City, NY 10028
Ph: (212) 288-5712
E-mail: [email protected]

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