Barking Up The Wrong Neighbor

We all remember the expression ” good fences make good neighborhoods”. However in New York where most dog owners live in small apartments, nestled in close proximity to each other separated only by paper-thin walls, we need to discover alternative measures to maintain amicable relations.

I recently received a letter from the Department of Environmental Protection stating that my five lb. Yorkie was “causing unreasonable nose by barking excessively.” I realize that there are people who do not love dogs as I do and may not be as forgiving as I may be of a minor inconvenience. Nevertheless, I risked a costly violation and possible eviction.

Virtually all Terriers and most small dogs like the: Lhasa Aspsos, Poodles, Schnauzers and Yorkies are breeds that have genetically predisposed to respond to movement or noise within their range. Sensitive alarm barkers once bred to alert farmers of a fox in the hen house, or an intruder in a 19th century castle do what comes naturally to their breeding. In the 21st century modern dogs bark at: at the sound of an intercom, when your guest arrives at your door, when your neighbors leave for work, at the sound of a noises in your home such as a vacuum or hairdryer. They bark to alert you to danger. They are doing the job that they were bred to do — to protect you.
Now is the time for you to protect your precious dog against your barking neighbor. My dog, Valentino, barked when I left my home and placed the key in the lock. I remember running to the elevator in the hopes that he would stop when he could no longer smell or hear me and would settle down with the tasty treats I left him. That was not the case. I had to find a solution and fast.

A professional dog trainer suggested the PetSafe Bark Control. ( The indoor bark control is a small tabletop device that safely controls your dog’s barking within a range of 25 feet. An internal microphone picks up the bark and automatically emits an 2 second ultrasonic, high pitched tone that is unpleasant to a dog’s sensitive hearing (but which is inaudible for humans). As a result, your dog learns to associate barking with the unpleasant sound and stops. It is safe, humane and gives the desired results quickly. There is an option to use the bark control as a remote trainer. When your dog exhibits undesired behavior simply press the manual control button activating the tone which startles your dog and the undesired behavior stops. There is even a light, which lets you know the device is activated and blinks to show a low battery.

Petsafe debuted in 1991 with one product and now offers a growing line of lifestyle products to help pet owners keep their four-legged friend safe and happy. These include underground fences, electric doors, training devices, pet identification collars and heated wellness products.

Petsafe products can be found at PetSmart, and Petco.

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