Bathing Your Beauties


Snowy winters and grimy streets mean filthy fidos that need baths (especially white pups like my own little rascal, Wrigley). But save your dough by grooming your pup yourself. Home remedies don’t mean that wet dog smell either. Check out the following fresheners that will sweeten your pooch in style!


Oatmeal is not just for breakfast and anyone who’s ever had the chickenpox knows just how nourishing it can be. When your pup starts scratching, soothe their itches with calming Natural Oatmeal Shampoo by Eight in One. Winter can be tough on your skin but it’s also drying on dogs– especially short haired hounds — so keep them moisturized.


For the diva dog, there’s nothing like a day at the spa. Spoil your precious pooch with Groomax Spa Dog Shampoos in six different scents – vanilla breeze, baby fresh, fresh fern, banana bongo, pear and apple and herbal mist. And for an even softer puppy, check out the matching conditioners! A sweet smelling dog is a happy one.


Allergies in people are common enough, so don’t be shocked if your pup breaks out from certain shampoos and washes. Check out DermCare Hypoallergenic Shampoo for Dogs and Cats. This soap-free shampoo won’t dry out your dog’s skin (yes, he’s not ALL fur) but will get him clean and moisturized. A perfectly polished pup!


After a long day of walks, play groups and naps give your pup some Zen. All natural Aromatherapy Dog Shampoos not only cleans your pooch but 100% natural oils moisturize his coat as well, keeping him shiny. It’s like the ultimate two-in-one. Check out all three fido flavors – adventure dog suds, puppy suds and urban suds.


Sometimes even a pup needs a little pampering (ok, ok…all the time). How about a pawicure! OPI, synonymous with nail polish, has created Pawlish to give your dogling the most unique look on the block – in 6 fabulous colors – fire hydrant red, yuppy puppy silver, doghouse blues, mutts new? Purple, bow wow! Mint green and poodle pink. So after you bathe, shower or sponge your baby, make sure you pawlish him!

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