Bazzy’s Are Essential for Your Dog Walk

As a dog parent, you usually have to take your dog out for a walk once a day. If you have an active dog, sometimes that’s at least twice or three times a day. Even in the snow, rain or sizzling summer heat! For these everyday walks you must have two essentials in your pocket – treats and poop bags.

Bazzy’s Poop Bags are cute and compostable bags made out of cornstarch for responsible dog owners. These eco-friendly bags mean that you can dispose of them directly into the trash. More importantly, they’re a little bigger in size and slightly thicker than most bags on the market, great for keeping your hands clean. The bags are unscented so they don’t have any unpleasant chemicals damaging the soil. Conveniently available in packs of 60, 120 and 270, grab one at

On every walk, your pooch gets rewarded for a job well done. Bazzy’s Salmon Apple Snaps are packed with lean protein and doesn’t put pudge on your pup.  The salmon gives your dog a shiny coat and the apple is great fiber for healthy digestion. Other yummy ingredients include lentils, flax seed, rosemary and green tea extract – almost like a power smoothie for your dog! Keep your best friend healthy and happy with these treats; pick up a pack at

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