Beach Fun for Fido


My dog loves the ocean. Last week she made a new furry friend while she was on the beach. Needless to stay, she had a lot of fun that afternoon. Being out in the sun for such a long time can be worrisome at times. How can I tell if she’s had too much sun? Do dogs get sunburn? Yes they do, especially short haired pooches and those with pink noses.

When I’m out in the sun with my girl I spray her with water-based Doggles Sunscreen ( with SPF 15. Human sunscreen can cause a skin reaction, so a formula designed specifically for a dog’s skin is best. The small spray bottle is perfect to slip into beachbags.

I draw the line at sunglasses, although it’s also recommended. Doggles ( has the K9 Optix Sunglasses with 100% UV protection and shatterproof lenses, which come in three sizes. So cute and pink, but I don’t think my dog will let me put them on her!

I have my beach mat, so my dog should have one too. Unfortunately, she won’t sit still for very long, so the iCool Mat ( is perfect for cooling her down quickly. The water absorbing polymer creates a gel-like mat that stays cool in spite of body or room temperature. Just add water, how easy to just swirl in around in the waves. Unlike other mats, this one needs no refrigeration.

Above all, hydrate. To stop my dog from drinking seawater that is bad for her, I need to tempt her with Gutter Water! This beef flavored water from K9 Water Co ( is vitamin fortified bottled water specifically formulated for dog hydration. The company’s motto is Rebarkably Refreshing!™.

Doggles Sunscreen and K9 Optix Sunglasses
Available at and

iCool Mat available at —
Trixie and Peanut
23 East 20th Street, New York
434 Hudson Street, New York
Chateau Marmutt
8128 West 3rd St, Los Angeles

Gutter Water
Available at

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