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(Candice Sabatini, Bonnie Kimberly Taylor & Sharon Gomes Thomas contributed to this article)

We all love our pets, especially the witty fashionistas here at Beauty News NYC. So it was no surprise that when I asked my colleagues to showcase the personalities of their pets, I received some fun insights. Here’s the first part of our exposé, stay tuned next month to hear from our doggie kids!

My name: Spike
Pet mom: Bonnie Kimberly Taylor
Breed: Bearded Dragon Lizard. Mom got me from Petland 389 Sixth Ave Ph: 212-741-1913.
Favorite Food: Kale, strawberries, apples, mealworms (yum!)
Things I eat but am not supposed to have: I’m a picky eater, especially for a dragon, and don’t eat anything I’m not supposed to have
What I do that makes my mom angry: I like to laze about on a warm rock or piece of driftwood, so I don’t bother with shenanigans
Area where I live: In my boy’s bedroom
A pet secret I can share with you: Bearded Dragons are very sweet and have distinct personalities. They also bob their heads up and down and enjoy perching on shoulders. Boys really take to them. For more info go to

My name: Molly Sabatini
Pet mom: Candice Sabatini
My age: I’m 11, but don’t look a day over 6, trust me!
My nicknames: My human slaves call me “Crab cake” when I crab about wanting a snack. They also call me “Meatloaf” because they say I resemble one now that I’ve lost my girlish figure.
Breed or what I think I am: White with Calico markings. I think I’m part rabbit because of my soft, thick fur. (but then, I’m not very bright)

Favorite Food: I get bladder stones so I have to eat Science Diet K/D (, but I’m comforted in knowing that my boyfriend & roommate Simon has to eat it too, because if his bowl had something different in it, I’d gobble it up. Did I mention I was a little piglet? Also, I’m totally addicted to “Temptations” cat treats ( Chicken or beef variety, I’m not picky….just send!

Things I eat but am not supposed to have: I love plastic dry cleaning bags. When I was young I ate part of one which had to be surgically removed. That wasn’t fun, so now I stick to just licking them to control my addiction.

Non-food addictions: If there’s a bag or box around, it’s MINE, and I must be inside it.  I will howl and crab until the slaves open up the top wide enough for me to get inside.  See how cute (and thin) I look in this one!
Things I do that makes my mom angry: I go into her bathroom and scratch the roll of toilet paper so that half the roll unravels onto the floor and she has to throw it away.  Such fun, wheeeee!!!
My favorite retailer: Furry Paws (7 locations in NYC) because they deliver within the hour and we’re all about convenience in this house.
Favorite walking trail: On the bed while my slaves try to sleep. That’ll teach ’em!

My vet: Bide-A-Wee Vet & Animal Shelter, where I was adopted from at 410 East 38th St Ph: 866-262-8133
A pet secret I can share with you: I’m dumber than dust, and far too stupid to have any real secrets. Other than being thick and opaque, I’m totally transparent. However, I can confide that being an incredibly adorabable, purring lap cat who loves to be petted, keeps these humans happy and totally willing to be my slave….so perhaps I’m not the dumb one after all.  ;)

My name: Simon Sabatini
My age: 11 and in my prime. Never. Looked. Better.
My nicknames: Handsome Guy, Sleek Panther
Breed: Whatever is the sexiest breed, ‘cause I’m the king of sexy, baby!  My green eyes mesmerize.
Favorite Food: Because Molly, the food whore, gets bladder stones, we dine daily on Science Diet K/D ( She’s such a piglet and so busy chowing down she doesn’t even notice I’m sniffing her butt. We also get yummy “Temptations” when she howls for them. Our slaves will do anything to shut her up.  She does all the work, and I simply saunter into the kitchen as if I didn’t care and my treats await me.
Things I eat but am not supposed to have: Molly’s neck. (she hates when I bite it)
Things I do that makes my mom angry: You’re joking right? I’m perfect! Well ok, I have been known to go medieval on them when they trim my nails.
My favorite retailer: Furry Paws. They deliver. I don’t get out much.
Favorite walking trail: Along the computer keyboard or on bed as slaves attempt to sleep or do other things that confuse me.

My vet: Bide-A-Wee Vet & Animal Shelter 410 East 38th St Ph: 866-262-8133 I was adopted from there too.

A pet secret I can share with you: Addicted to catnip and toys. I can play for hours batting things around. Cat Dancer is my BFF I go totally bonkers and lose my sexy cool demeanor when slave walks in with a bag from Petco. So while the little food whore is jonesing to lick the plastic bag, I’m all about the toys inside. It’s awesome that my slave can pick up my telepathic messages to buy me new toys. But then, Iook up ‘awesome’ in your wiki, and you’ll see my pic!

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