Metro Pets: Brushing Fangs with Petsmile and Bath Time with Barker



For pet owners who lavish their dogs in grooming boutiques equivalent to a day at Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa, and get cosmetic dentistry on their bicuspids by Park Avenue Vets, please ignore this article. For our practical readers who take care of their furry friends at home, keep reading, these two products will help you: Barker Pet Shampoo by famous stylist Adam Broderick and Petsmile Professional Pet Toothpaste.


We rescued this 4 lb. crippled Chihuahua / Pomeranian almost sixteen years ago in California. We don’t know what happened to her and she can’t walk so much as hobble along. Now that she is getting older, she is basically carried around in a gym bag to do her business and get some fresh air. That’s all the mobility she gets. We tried the wheels apparatus for a while and she took to it when she was young but it’s become an albatross.


More troublesome than her lack of movement is the ordeal to keep her teeth clean, breath fresh and her coat clean, fluffy and fabulous. Barker Pet Shampoo by Adam Broderick and Petsmile Pet Toothpaste came to our rescue.


Barker Pet Shampoo is a professional product that cleanses and adds luster to your pets fur — it’s safe for puppies, all breeds of dogs and cats too. Knowing my dog’s fur, I thought I’d need a conditioner after the shampoo but I was surprised to learn that I didn’t.

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All canine teeth need to be professionally cleaned at some time. It’s dangerous if anesthesia is involved and costly but necessary. In order to maintain good oral hygiene in between dental sessions we brush her teeth and gums with Petsmile. This product is clinically proven to safely inhibit plaque while fighting bacteria and getting rid of doggie breath. It’s working. The randy French bulldog that lives in the building finally asked her out for a stroll in the park and to share a biscuit.

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As you can see, the final outcome is working to her favor. These two products have helped us to keep the mighty pooch healthy, clean and bring a spring back in her hobble all the way to watch the dog run. She keeps her snout high when we pass all of the purebreds, highfalutin hounds and a pack of poodles in Central and Riverside Park.

This tiny old biatch owns the city once again.

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