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You are what you eat, that’s the old adage. Sometimes we are good and finish all our veggies on the plate. Often we’re bad and grab a quick bite at the nearest fast food outlet. But at least we have a choice of what, when and how we eat. Our dog or cat doesn’t really have that choice. They eat what we give them at whatever time we can squeeze in for them. Sometimes they have to wait all day till they get their meal, after we’re done with work, the gym and a late drink with our friends.

That’s why it’s important that our loyal furry friends get proper nutrition. And there’s a big difference between feeding your dog and giving her what she needs. That is why Franco Cavaleri, a respected scientist, author and sought after expert on nutrition and wellness for both humans and pets founded a line of supplements designed to keep our pets in good health. He also has a new book called “Potential Within – Your Dog’s Health”. A former soccer player and bodybuilder, Cavaleri understands the importance of a good inner structure and wants to build from within, hence the need for BiologicVET supplements for cats and dogs.

Metro Pets: My dog can hardly be considered unhealthy, and trust me, she’s very active and eats well. Why should I give her supplements?

BiologicVET: In order to attain optimal health, all dogs and cats – regardless of age or physical condition – should be meeting their complete dietary requirements every day. With daily maintenance of supplements, your pets are receiving the correct quantities of essential vitamins and nutrients. It also ensures they are supplied in a live form. When your pets are completely nourished, the risk for common diseases and injuries is reduced.

Metro Pets: I’m a good pet mom. I buy my dog good quality food. I always read my pet food labels and make sure that the food contains important nutrients. That should be more than adequate, right?

BiologicVET: Processed pet foods may contain all the nutrients that are essential because they are produced based on universal standards. However, the nature of the processing which applies heat and exposes the nutrients to oxygen causes a significant amount of oxidation to damage this nourishment. It’s no different for us. If every meal of your day was taken from a cereal box which is said to be complete nourishment, you would not be at your maximum health potential within a year or so. This nourishment may be complete when we analyze the label copy, but proteins, amino and fatty acids are subject to oxidation during processing, destroying their potency and bio-availability. We must increase dietary antioxidant and fatty acids in supplemental form to compensate.

Metro Pets: I remember years ago, the kid next door turned orange because her parents made her eat carrots every day. No kidding! Isn’t giving my pet supplements in addition to healthy food too much of a good thing?

BiologicVET: Over-supplementation is only a problem if a single supplement or an incomplete combination of supplements is used aggressively. BiologicVET formulations are complete, balanced products that fulfill co-dependent nutrient requirements. When added to feeding, this supplementation brings the nutrient status closer to optimal proportions. Proper application is the key. Results are noticeable in days.

Metro Pets: If there are formulations to balance a pet’s diet, then it’s strange that you don’t make separate supplements for dogs and cats? After all, pet food manufacturers differentiate between dogs and cats in their product offerings.

BiologicVET: Cats are true carnivores while dogs eat a diet that is primarily carnivorous but includes more vegetation than a cat’s diet. Cats and dogs differ slightly metabolically as well and this includes a different essential nutrient requirement. Although a cat’s food will differ significantly from that of a dog’s to accommodate for these differences, supplements can be formulated to meet both the cat’s and dog’s needs in an all-in-one formulation.

Pick up BiologicVET at your local pet store.

So, if our pets are what they eat, what does it mean when my dog drinks out of the toilet?


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