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They give us unquestioning devotion and we are the center of their universe. For most of us, our pets are the heart of our existence too – our companions, confidants and co-conspirators in life. My dog knows all my secrets – when I lied to my best friend, when I cheated on my diet, what I truly look like in the mornings, and how much damage I’ve put on my credit card to buy my latest pair of shoes!

We are more concerned about Fido’s eating, sleeping and exercise habits than we are about our own. Here at we are proud mamas and papas of pooches and kitties. That’s why we’ve started the Metro Pets section, because we want to share the latest fashions, trends and products for our beloved four legged friends.

Canine Couture – Kwigy-bo is hip and happening
Every Christmas, my cousin in Florida dresses up his lovely Weimaraner in the most awful outfits, takes a photo of the poor dog, and makes it his Christmas card. His dog Blue has been dressed in sunglasses, a lei and Hawaiian shirt (the beach bum look), snorkel mask and flippers (scuba diver), sparkly baubles including four hanging out of her mouth (Christmas tree), and wig with sideburns and a polyester sequined shirt (Elvis). Every relative who has received his Christmas cards have threatened to report him for cruelty. Except Blue really loves to dress up and she doesn’t seem to mind one little bit.

If you have a hankering for your dog to don an adorable little outfit, please avoid my cousin’s habits. Instead, get something from Kwigy-bo (, a line of luxury dog wear and accessories. You and your dog can show off impeccable style with some sassy duds. For crisp Spring days, opt for one of their cute sweatshirts. These are emblazoned with witty sayings and logos like Rollerdog for Central Park walks, I Love ♥ Mum, which is great for Mother’s Day, and Crossbones N for those rock tough guys. If it starts to drizzle, Kwigy-bo has rain gear like the trench coat dappled with ducks.

Like any respectable fashionista, your dog will be turning heads in preppy wear of cable knit and polo shirts. Or for the more flamboyant diva, the sequined tanks will make your dog beg for compliments rather than treats.

Kwigy-bo is the brainchild of two New Yorkers Olivia Ma and Tenelle Clement, who wanted to dress their pets in fashionable quality clothing. But these dog owners found nothing inspiring in the stores. They first started a few years ago by modifying what they could find on the market, before venturing into their own production at Ma’s family owned Brooklyn factory. Like a true design house, they now have five collections for Kwigy-bo as well as a more casual bridge collection KBNY. Owning the factory gives them the ability to design and adapt specially for large or irregularly shaped dogs. After all, the canine family is one of the most diversely shaped groups in the animal kingdom.

My dog is a rambunctious little puppy, and my repeated attempts to put a rain jacket on her one wet day were met with growls and whimpers. If you share my plight and your pet won’t let you dress her up, you don’t have to miss out on the Kwigy-bo collections. They also have sensational dog bags, every one of which you can throw over your shoulder with or without your dog in tow, and still look au courant. Their Spring/Summer Collection boasts the bohemian chic Riley bag, made with soft suede and decorative grommets and rings. The basket-weave sides offer ventilation for your dog, but would be just as good for your gym gear. And for the men about town, there is a Kwiggy-boy messenger style bag with side mesh ventilation.

You can get your paws on Kwigy-bo by going to their website at

It is also sold in over 200 stores worldwide, including the following:-

Trixie and Peanut
23 East 20th Street

43 Greenwich Avenue

85 5th Avenue

Saks Fifth Avenue
611 5th Avenue

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