Cat Scratchers for NYC-Sized Apartments


Chances are your New York City cat doesn’t get to play on a humungous cat-scratching wonder gym. But fear not; apartment cats in small spaces can still claw their way to happiness. My two tuxedos tried out and approved these space-saving options — and as an added bonus, the couch lost some of its appeal.

Petlinks System Paw Pleaser Two-Texture Hanging Catnip Scratcher
Without taking an inch of floor space, this scratcher lets your cat reach up, stretch out and dig his claws in. Double sided with one side twine and the other more carpet-like, there’s a zippered compartment that lets you sprinkle catnip inside. It does move around a bit as they scratch, but my cats seem fine with it. Buy one for every door handle and you’ve got your very own wonder gym. Available at Petco.

Petlinks Scratchers Welcome Catnip Enhanced Scratch Mat
A favorite of my cats, this also has a zippered compartment for catnip. After quickly wrangling the feathered toy off, my boys now love scratching and just laying on this. It’s mobile and flat, so put it right in the middle of the room. It can blend in with your carpet and won’t be disturbed if you walk on it. Available at Petco.

The Double Cat Scratcher and Incline Scratcher from Kong get extra points for being green. Made from renewable materials, they’re recyclable and super light, which makes them easy to pick up and move as you please. Leave no space wasted…that spot below the kitchen table? Slide these scratchers right in. Plus, with reversible scratch pads, they can take twice the mileage. Available at most pet retailers.

There is a downside, however, to creating a scratching heaven in your apartment. With your cat sharpening his claws all day long, you’re going to need some better clippers.

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