Catnip Kicks


I’ve always had the impression that all cats love catnip – hence the name. That even the most sedate, quiet or chubby couch potato feline becomes giddy at the mere semblance of catnip in its presence. Apparently I am wrong – according to some veterinarian studies, only 70% of cats love catnip. The remaining 30% really don’t have any reaction to this herb – a distant cousin of the mint family.

If your kitty is a catnip addict, the best way to get him all ga-ga is to provide him with a catnip toy. This way he gets both mental and physical exercise, thereby decreasing the chances of a cat-astrophe when you leave him alone! The best catnip toys are the ones that have organic catnip, and if they’re refillable, even better. Why? This way, kitty gets a renewable fresh “high” each time he plays with his toy.

Try a product like the SmartyKat Refillable Catnip Toy ( Filled with certified organic catnip, it offers your feline friend a new toy experience every time. We know how finicky cats can get sometimes, so this is newness factor is a good thing. And you don’t have to shell out the dollars to buy a new amusement for him every month or so. Also, it’s environmentally friendly, since you’re actually recycling his old toy.

A patented cat-proof closure opens easily and locks tight, for new refills of the herb. The plush toy looks like a little animal, and comes with a tube of SmartyKat Organic Catnip – grown without dyes, fillers or pesticides – for one fill and at least another complete refill. You can purchase additional bags of the catnip for a never ending source of fun and exercise.

If you would prefer not to get a refillable toy, then get the trio of SkitterCritters Catnip Mice ( With their enticing tails, they will get your cat into full hunt mode, and the added bonus of the catnip will provide endless energetic fun. To refresh the toys, keep them in a bag of catnip.

Another intriguing product is the CatnipMist Infused Spray – a kind of room freshener flavored with catnip! Spray it on areas you want your cat to scratch, like scratch pads and posts, a great idea if your pet is a furniture destroyer. The formula holds all the allure of traditional catnip but in a more convenient and directed bottle.

All three products are available at pet stores like Petco. Or you can click on this link to find more store locators (

Let your cat get his catnip kicks and he will love you even more than he does now!

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