Cats Play After Dark


How many times has your kitty woken you up in the middle of the night, because she’s chasing her favorite toy (no doubt it’s the one with the loud bell!) around your bedroom?

Instinctually, cats in the wild have nocturnal habits, with a preference for dawn and dusk. That’s prime hunting time, so those instincts are in your domesticated kitty as well.

Petstages (, the pet product company has come up with a clever line of products to keep your kitty occupied at night time. And more importantly, these Night Time Toys offer quiet and interesting amusement that will keep your cat engaged while letting you sleep peacefully.

The Whisper Track with Twinkle Ball toy is a suspended ball that twinkles when your cat bats at it, and is mounted on a quiet track. There are also glow in the dark moons and a fluffy soft sparkle ball that twirls on a string.

The Blinking Buddy looks like a snake and will not only twinkle but also emit flashes of light each time kitty pounces on it. The lights are touch activated and will trigger your cat’s natural tendency to hunt and chase.

Petstages also offers two types of balls that will keep your pet amused. The Twinkle Ball and the Quiet Glow Ball will be fun to chase. The Twinkle Ball is made of a soft material that has a touch activated light. As for the Quiet Glow Ball, it is a glow-in-the-dark fabric made of a safe non-toxic material.

The ultimate cat pouncer will enjoy the Flashing Firefly Mat. A colorful soft nylon mat dabbled with fireflies that will glow when your cat pounces on it. And when kitty is done playing with it, she can curl up on the mat for a nap.

All toys are now available at

Hope your kitty gets a good night’s play and you get a good night’s sleep!

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