Critter Cribs

We have cramped apartments the size of shoeboxes, that’s the fate of the urban dweller. Yet, we lavish most of our precious real estate on our critters, with their toys, bowls and pet beds encroaching on most of our floor space. So why not integrate their need for a functional resting place and our elegant décor sensibilities with one of these options.

The ZenHaus ( blends style and function. This unique pet den is a sleek, oval design in classic colors like black, white and red, as well a modern mint green. Each piece is handcrafted, shaped and polished in fiberglass to create a shiny exterior. Perfect for sleeping as the pod is well-ventilated, or serve as a discreet hideaway for the kitty litter. You can close the door if you need to keep your pet crated, or take the door off to look like a modern table. It comes in four sizes and most items ship in a mere 2 days. Go to to get one along with an oval pet bed and make a bold statement.

Being in the doghouse is simply divine with the Fairmont Pet Mansion ( Modeled to look like a real house, the Mansion ships in a DIY kit, and is supplied with clear and simple build-it-yourself instructions. The house arrives in a flat pack (to save you shipping costs) and all you need to do is to screw it together, as the windows, doors and roof are already pre-built. Pop on the custom nameplate and your pet will know this crib is all hers.

What do cats seem to do all the time? Sleeping and playing. Then the Bootsie’s Bunkbed and Playroom with Rooftopper is the perfect all inclusive location for playing, hiding, sleeping and scratching. It comes with two spring action toys for playing, as well as a quilted pad for those catnaps. And the sisal roof is a must have for the kitty who loves to scratch. Ships flat with no tools required for assembly. Pick your kitty his new jungle gym at or call toll free 866-31-SMART. The site also gives you a list of stores in your neighborhood that carries their cat crib.

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