Dog Day At Shea


Summer may be over soon but the lovely outdoor pursuits of baseball and a picnic can still be enjoyed in September – and you can enjoy it with your pooch while contributing to a very worthy cause.

North Shore Animal League America and the New York Mets baseball team will host the 2nd Annual Dog Day at Shea. This howling event will take place on Saturday, September 23rd at 7:10 p.m. Bring your human and canine buddies to Shea Stadium and enjoy the game in the Picnic Area. And cheer on the Mets as they take on the Washington Nationals.

You’ll be able to participate in a pre-game parade around Shea’s track. Additionally, there will be auditions for David Letterman’s Stupid Pet Tricks – this may be Fido’s big chance at his 15 minutes of fame.


Tickets for the Picnic Area bleacher seats for fans are $30 each and $5 each per dog. . Dog ticket proceeds, as well as a portion of the human tickets will benefit North Shore Animal League America.

All tickets must be purchased in advance through the Mets Group Ticket Window.
ID: NSAL
Password: METS
For more information about this event, please call the Mets Group Sales Office at 718-565-4348.


To fanatically get into the spirit of the baseball festivities, visit the North Shore online shop beforehand and get some sporting gear for your dog. Your MVP (Most Valuable Pet) can fashionably support his favorite team with his own baseball cap or a collar and leash set. Whether you’re a Yankees or Mets fan, the online shop offers accessories for both teams. There’s even Boston Red Sox Doggy Gear – Sacrilege! As with the baseball event, sale proceeds benefit the North Shore Animal League America.

To contact Customer Service call 212-255-6322 between 9a.m. and 5p.m.

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