My Dog Eats Like, Uhm, A Real Dog!

My dog Chi turned on the food I’ve been serving her for over seven years. It became a nightly hassle — first by coaxing, pleading, begging and then enhancing her meal with chicken stock. Nothing seemed to work. She wanted her treats but snubbed the nutritious food.

A few weeks ago, I was walking on Broadway when a man in a marketing van yelled out to me, “Here…for your dog.” He handed me a large tubular roll of chilled Vital dog food by Freshpet. Not understanding what he meant, I took it and a small gathering of people also approached the window as he dispensed more products. Then it hit me. How odd! I did not have my dog with me. How did he know? Has the word spread? I put the roll in my bag and went on my way.

When I arrived home, it was feeding time, so I put out my dog’s food and sure enough, the same thing happened. Chi took the food out of the bowl and spread it around the apartment piece by piece by piece. I then remembered the Vital in my bag. I opened it and blended it with her other food until that was gone. (Always blend when changing their diet or clean up can get very messy). The results have been nothing short of miraculous. This is the first time in sixteen years that my dog actually eats like a dog with her head inside the bowl.

I’ve given her the chicken, beef, salmon recipe and she is also trying the new treats. I’ll have more to report on that in the months to come.

These products need to be refrigerated as they only use the freshest ingredients. They don’t discriminate against felines as they have a whole line cat food too. Freshpet is available at PetCo and fine pet stores.

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You should also check out the Freshpet Team Cuddle Project and see some of the most funny and adorable photos of pets and their owners embracing. You can enter your pet’s pics in the contest for cash prizes as well.

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