Driver’s Seat with Doggon’ Wheels


Ten years ago, my dog chose me out of a litter of humans; it was all well planned and orchestrated on her part. She adopted me while she was convalescing at a dog rescue in California. Chi (short for Chihuahua) is a 4 lb. Chihuahua/Pomeranian mix, with mangled hind legs.

On the day we met, a pack of Boxers were human shopping and she got caught up in the racket. I made the mistake of sitting on the floor and she instinctually made a beeline for my lap — typical lap dog tactic. It’s more accurate to say that Chi hopped on my lap — she does not walk, she hops.

Chi and her “bicycle”.

I told her that I have special needs: occasional fine dining, a well-made cocktail, travel and high thread-count sheets. She told me that she had special needs too: a wheelchair that will be called a bicycle. That’s when we discovered Doggon’ Wheels.

This small company has a large heart and the highest professional services. Their step-by-step online ordering process is as easy as playing fetch. Dogs of all sizes regain mobility with the most comfortable and efficient apparatus.

Now, with her “bicycle” we can race other dogs down Broadway, in the park and everywhere we go. She puts the gas on when she sees a Greyhound and we leave all Hounds in the dust. She may look unassuming and fluffy but once she straps on her harness and mounts her bike, she turns into a NASCAR daredevil.

Happy clients from Doggon’ Wheels

If your dog has mobility issues, visit Doggone’ Wheels website first. Your dog’s “bicycle” will be custom made and delivered within weeks.

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