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We all have at least one of them, a friend with an enviable sense of style, who could wear a grocery bag as a dress and still get compliments thrown her way. My friend Paula is the epitome of chic – recently she was invited to a cocktail party at the last minute, so she threw on orange giraffe print pants, a yoga top and wrapped a thrift store chain belt around her neck, and waltzed into the party looking fabulous. It helps that Paula is blessed with a svelte body although she never works out and inhales barbecue pork ribs at least three times a week. Her flair for eclectic fashion extends to her home. Her living room is clean, white and spa-like without a single adornment. Her bedroom on the other hand is Victorian shabby chic gone crazy, overloaded with pink roses on every surface, fabric and wall.

Along with being blessed with a fantastic physique, Paula is doubly blessed with a heart of gold. She recently adopted an abandoned standard poodle named Dogwood. When I see them happily trotting down the street together, it seems unbelievable that they’ve been together for only a month. Both are “doggedly” devoted to each other!

In the beginning, Paula was a little worried that Dogwood and all his doggie accouterments would disturb her carefully themed home. But that worry soon turned into enjoyment when she realized that having a dog also meant more shopping and more ways to display her quirky sense of design.

Online store Rocco and Jezebel is exactly the kind of site that Paula likes to click on to. Named after two rescued dogs, it’s filled with innovative pet accessories that marry both art and function. Based in Brooklyn, this new mother and daughter owned enterprise offers unique products from retro collars, colorful toys and functional travel bags. They have a good return policy and all in-stock orders are shipped within one business day.

The Bubble Pet Treat Container will bring a smile to your face as well as keeping your pet’s treats within easy reach. Another practical item is the Bon Ton Pickup Kit. I always have the kit clipped onto my dog’s leash. This way, I don’t have to hunt for a bag or have it unfashionably sticking out of my pocket when we go for a walk.

If your travels take you further than around the block, check out their efficient luggage bags that will safely transport your pooch and your couture. Especially compact is the USB Travel Kit which includes a pet carrier, as well as a storage bag with wheels. And don’t forget your pet’s safety – a First Aid Kit is always important, not only for when you’re heading out for a vacation, but also for having in your home.

Paula also has two cats, and they’ve surprisingly accepted the new dog addition to their family. Rocco and Jezebel have cute things for the felines in your life as well – like the Linda Litter Scoop, which conveniently hides a multitude of dirty sins, especially if you forget to wash the shovel.

As for Dogwood, it took him nine years to find Paula, but he’s finally found his loving home.

Rocco And Jezebel

Email: [[email protected]][email protected][/email] By Mail: Rocco and Jezebel 145 Hicks Street, #A32 Brooklyn, New York 11201
By Fax: 718.596.5990
By Phone: 917.416.8853

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