Essential Products For Your Feline Friends

We all love taking care of our precious purr-ers, and its even better when we pamper them with useful and convenient products. King Louie rules my apartment, and I seldom ignore his (my) demand for tasteful, within reason, pet items. These awesome finds will render your furry friends happy and feeling like feline royalty:

With winter’s harsh cold in full mode, a warm blanket is the perfect addition to your cat’s bed or carrier when traveling. The Liba Style Pet Cashmere Blanket is made of fine cashmere and pure soft wool. This luxurious item will keep him or her pleasantly snug & comfortable. The Liba Style Cashmere Blanket is like a personal throw for our four-legged majesties!

The burden of litter is certainly one we wish we could avoid. The heavy box is most concerning, especially when after you purchase it, you have to tote it a few blocks. Well, new Tidy Cats Lightweight 24/7 Performance addresses this common issue. I was amazed! It’s made of clay and natural lightweight minerals, so it’s 50% lighter. Considerably less bulky does not mean less durable, though. Tidy Cats Lightweight Performance still gets the job done. It’s powerfully absorbent and provides non-stop odor control; the cleanup is even improved as tight clumps combine for an easy finish. Voila, the stinky, bulky and dreadful addition to having a feline friend is now masked, lighter, and happily used.

Scoop your new litter with O.R.E’s adorable, and handy food scoop. Available in woof or meow design, this plastic scooper is a must have! Buy online at

Add some style to your pet’s dining area with a Houndstooth Placemat by O.R.E. This classic houndstooth placemat by O.R.E is sleek, and ideal for an easy cleanup. I couldn’t resist the cute cat-shaped mat!

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